New Corona Tokyo Roadmap Formulation Governor Koike Interview [Updated from May 22 14:13]

At the press conference, Governor Koike of Tokyo said, "The number of new infections is decreasing, but I want to recover peaceful days as soon as possible. Aim to prevent infectious diseases and achieve economic and social activities at the same time. I think everyone has the feeling of trying to establish "everyday". We have formulated a roadmap for overcoming the new coronavirus. "

"Roadmap has five pillars"

“In the first place, there are five pillars in the roadmap. The first is to thoroughly refrain from going out under the declaration of emergency and try to minimize the infection. The second is through proper monitoring, etc. Let's try to balance activities with economic activities.The third is to activate "Tokyo Alert" when warning signs of the spread of infection and alert the citizens of Tokyo. In this case, it will be a cycle of requesting refraining from going out again. That is, it is necessary to thoroughly prevent the spread of infection. The fourth is to respond to the "second wave" that is expected to occur in the future, We will put in place a thorough system. The fifth is to build a society in which the "new daily life," which is a habit of preventing the spread of infection, is established in anticipation of a long battle with viruses.