Haruki Murakami Radio appearance from home "Peaceful everyday life as soon as possible" 6:23 pm, May 23


In order to encourage people who are worried and worried about the spread of the new coronavirus infection, Haruki Murakami, a world-famous author, appeared on a radio program from his study at home, delivering songs and messages that he chose.

The radio program “Murakami RADIO Stay Home Special-Music for welcoming the bright tomorrow” aired on “TOKYO FM” on the 22nd of night was aimed at encouraging people who are worried and anxious by the spread of the new coronavirus. It was planned based on the idea of ​​Haruki-san.

The program was recorded in Mr. Murakami's home study, and Mr. Murakami said, "I think that everyone is suffering from various restrictions and living an inconvenient life. However, I chose music that makes me feel at ease. "After that, I introduced the songs that I chose from the records I own.

Also, in between the songs, "I don't think the metaphor that fighting Corona is like war is incorrect. It is not a fight of power to kill one another, but a battle of wisdom to save one another." If we don't have enough love and compassion, the world after the corona will be an overwhelmingly dull place. Love is important, "he said.

The show lasts about two hours, and at the end Murakami says, "Please do your best to pursue what you want, not to be defeated by the coronavirus. Hope peaceful everyday life will return to the world as soon as possible. I am sending a message.