[Commentary] On May 20th, 72,800 junior high school students from 275 middle schools in Wuhan returned to the campus for more than 3 months and formally resumed school and resumed classes.

  【Same period】 Student

  Internet class is at home alone, in fact, a little bit lonely, and then come to school, this place has a very strong learning atmosphere, it will promote you to have greater motivation in learning, and then you will also be more autonomous Learning.

  【Same period】 Student

  After all, all of our classmates have very strong feelings. It took 4 months. So when I came here, I was very touched and very happy. I was able to meet them again. This epidemic made me feel even more. , Life is important, so I will cherish more, everyone around me.

  [Commentary] The reporter saw at Wuhan Jiefang Middle School that day, the school stipulates that students should follow the designated one-way route after entering the campus at the wrong peak, and then enter the class after washing their hands and disinfecting. In addition, the school adopts a small-class teaching model, splitting the original class into two classes, A and B. The class is single, single table, and seats at intervals. Teachers carry out simultaneous teaching through modern teaching methods.

  [Same period] Long Tao, deputy director of the Political and Educational Department of Wuhan Liberation Middle School

  Before returning to school today, our school has pushed all preparations for our return to school in the form of "beautiful articles", and I believe this review of the "beautiful articles" is enough for our parents Rest assured, then here, while asking parents to rest assured, I hope that our parents can, further and closely, cooperate with the school to do a good job of the child's day-to-day control, because the child's safety, the growth of the child Opening a school is even more inseparable from our family, and the care and attention of our parents.

  [Commentary] Ji Cheng, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Wuhan Liberation Middle School and class teacher of the third grade (3) class, came to the campus early that morning and walked into the classroom. He wrote on the blackboard "Welcome back, sprint for the entrance exam" eight characters. Ji Cheng told reporters that walking from the line to the line and seeing these children once again felt extremely cordial.

  [Same period] Ji Cheng, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Wuhan Liberation Middle School

  It can be said that since mid-April, we have been in school to prepare for their return home and come back, and we are finally back today, as we are teachers in our hearts, the offline, warm, emotional face-to-face Teaching, I want to sprint for their late entrance exam, is helpful.

  [Commentary] Ji Cheng said that from the placement of the seat to the commissioning of the equipment, every teacher is looking forward to accompany the students to sprint for the last two months at the critical moment of preparing for the exam.

  [Same period] Ji Cheng, deputy director of the Academic Affairs Office of Wuhan Liberation Middle School

  First, I think ah, there are some deficiencies in the learning of students without meeting in the online class. We must find a way to make up for it. Second, all our teachers will take classes. This class does not mean that we usually work. There are a total of 45 teachers in 9th grade. All of them go to class AB. In every classroom and every time period, there are teachers to accompany them to come together to manage and accompany them to grow up. Finally (and) two months (Time) the entrance examination.

  【Explanation】 According to the arrangement, the 2020 examination time for Wuhan City will be July 20-21.

  Reporter Zou Hao from Hubei Wuhan

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]