"National asset defrosting" scams renovated, fraudsters fabricated digital currency virtual projects to incite investment

  New types of fraud set up more than 30,000 victims without reporting

  Our reporter Li Guo

  Did not promote the real thing on any paper or APP, relying on the voice and audio promotion of WeChat group to implement the "national asset defrosting" fraud. Such a "simple and rude and inferior" scam has actually tricked tens of thousands of people into a short period of time.

  The reporter recently learned from the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau that the police in Chongqing ’s Liangjiang New District had smashed a fictitious national poverty alleviation project and used a new type of national asset defrosting scam gang in the guise of returning high returns from investment. In this case, the deceived people covered 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government, with a total of more than 30,000 victims.

  According to the police who handled the case, the new type of national asset fraud integrates rebates, pyramid schemes, and fraud. It combines the poverty alleviation policy to fabricate a virtual project of digital currency, spreads the Internet through the Internet, and joins pyramid schemes at the same time. The team absorbs members, absorbs funds, and gradually develops into a hierarchical fraud organization.

  Due to the small amount of money, and the criminal gang under the guise of key national policy projects, wearing a bright coat, it is extremely confusing, and the deceived people do not think they have been deceived after being "brainwashed". After the case was resolved, none of the more than 30,000 victims reported to the police on their own initiative. Just after the suspect Yumou was arrested, many people still transferred money to their accounts.

  The reporter learned in an interview that in March this year, the police learned at work that someone was selling a product “Zhongyun Digital Assets” on WeChat Group that “is the country ’s strong battle to win the fight against poverty in 2020 , An investment project secretly commissioned, it is a reform bonus released by the state to ordinary people ", claiming that everyone only needs to provide a name and mobile phone number to participate, with an investment ranging from 100 to 1,000 yuan, and a one-time value-added recovery , You can get dozens of times of return.

  The investigation team found that the suspects published false project information through the WeChat group, using false propaganda with low investment and high returns as a bait, inciting the public to participate in the investment, and using the MLM model to reward the participants who have developed offline, so as to snowball fission Cheating. In just over two months, more than 30,000 victims were involved, and the amount involved was more than 20 million yuan.

  The police sorted out more than 30 first-level agents of the gang, arrested the main suspect Yumou and 16 of his gang members, frozen more than 5.5 million yuan of stolen money involved in the case, seized 2 properties purchased for the stolen money involved, 3 high-end cars and 1 motorcycle. Collected more than 12 million yuan in property and cash.

  According to Yu's explanation, in order to bluff people, the so-called "Zhongyun Digital Assets Recruitment" project was fictitious, accompanied by national policy hotspots, and the "national asset defrosting" fraud method was used to improve it. Weimou and other unemployed persons are the backbone of the criminal gang, and they have formed a "national great cause WeChat group" to carry out fraudulent activities.

  The police handling the case said that the case is different from the previous "national asset defrosting" fraud. The new "national asset defrosting" fraud integrates rebates, pyramid schemes and fraud, putting aside the slogan of "cave treasure" and "overseas asset defrosting". , Combined with key policies to fabricate virtual projects of digital currency, from the previous one-to-one communication to the Internet through the Internet. At the same time, they joined the method of MLM, used "little pay and high return" as a bait, and formed a team to gradually develop into a hierarchical fraud organization by means of absorbing members and absorbing funds.