[Commentary] The Education Bureau of the HKSAR Government announced that all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Hong Kong will resume classes in stages starting from May 27. A reporter recently visited the Lions Middle School in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong. The principal, Lin Rifeng, said that the school has done everything before the resumption Preparations, various epidemic prevention measures, and sufficient materials for epidemic prevention.

  [Commentary] Lin Rifeng revealed that the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (DSE) test started on April 24. The Lions Middle School also serves as a Hong Kong Diploma test room and has accumulated some experience in epidemic prevention. It has also improved hygiene standards in response to the epidemic situation.

  【Concurrent period】 Lin Rifeng, principal of Hong Kong Lions Middle School

  Now because of the epidemic situation, the requirements for cleaning have increased, and the frequency has increased. On the whole, we have a surface coating on the (teaching desk) that can be sterilized. We will do a large-scale cleaning of what the students have used up. Because during the Hong Kong Diploma, the HKEAA gave us a heat source temperature detector, which can help students to take body temperature and increase the flow of people. We also have an isolation room. Maybe he (student) has some cold and sensitive symptoms. We hope he can recover here, take a rest, and then notify the parents to pick him up to see a doctor. There are also some barriers on the table. At this age, students like to chat while eating and they will definitely take off their masks, so we all have some films to separate.

  [Explanation] Lin Rifeng said that students will only return to school for the first half of the day after resuming classes, and will continue to use online teaching afterwards to avoid too many students gathering at the same time. School public facilities such as drinking fountains and basketball courts will be closed. The distance between classroom tables and tables is larger than in the past. Keep the distance to the toilet. At present, the school has sufficient epidemic prevention materials, enough for students, teachers and students to complete the rest of the semester this year.

  【Explanation】 In the face of the continuous emergence of epidemics in Hong Kong, students will inevitably feel worried, anxious or fearful. Paying attention to the students' negative emotions and mental stress, Lin Rifeng believes that the early start of school will help students relax their emotions.

  【Concurrent period】 Lin Rifeng, principal of Hong Kong Lions Middle School

  We are worried that they (students) are not in a school for so long, they do not have activities with their peers, and they do not have some physical and mental sports and stretching activities. In fact, it is not a good thing for young people, because online It is difficult to achieve face-to-face teaching with students, and we cannot ignore his (student) mental state. I think it is still necessary for students to return to a normal learning life. The most important thing is to go back to school and take precautions to take care of others.

  【Commentary】 According to official information from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, the second batch of students from Primary 4 to Secondary 2 will resume classes on June 8th; students from K3 to Primary 3 in kindergarten will resume classes on June 15. K1 to K2 students in kindergartens will not resume classes in this school year.

  Reporter Zhu Aili reports from Hong Kong

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]