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Did you miss the news of this early morning? We have put together a summary to help you see more clearly.

With the creation of a ninth group, LREM loses an absolute majority in the National Assembly 

That's it ! After lengthy negotiations, a ninth political group with Macronists and former Macronists, made up of 17 deputies, was "officially tabled" Tuesday in the Assembly, founding members AFP announced, the LREM group losing at the same time narrowly the absolute majority, at least temporarily. Maine-et-Loire MP Matthieu Orphelin, who left the group La République en Marche in February 2019 will be joined by other MPs who have chosen to cross the Rubicon, which could cause the presidential party to lose an absolute majority . By 2018, other deputies had left the macronist ship and had joined forces to form an eighth group, called "Liberties and Territories". 20 minutesasked them what had changed in their work as parliamentarians.

The Council of State orders to lift the ban on assembly in places of worship

The Council of State on Monday ordered the government to lift the "general and absolute" ban on assembly in places of worship, put in place as part of the state of health emergency, because of its "character disproportionate ”. Seized in summary proceedings by several associations and individual applicants, the highest administrative court found in an order that this prohibition "seriously and manifestly unlawfully infringes" freedom of religion and ordered the government to lift it "within eight days ".

Despite Risks and Efficacy in Doubt, Donald Trump Takes Hydroxychloroquine Daily

He dropped that air of nothing, at the bend of an exchange with American journalists. Despite doubts about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine on the coronavirus and the warning of health authorities about the side effects, Donald Trump announced Monday that he had taken a preventive "one tablet per day" for a week and a half.

“There are a lot of good things about hydroxychloroquine. You would be surprised to know how many people take it, especially (the nursing staff) on the front line. I take it myself, "slipped the American president. Cacophony in the room. "Hydroxychloroquine?" Ask the journalists. “Yes, hydroxychloroquine. I started about two weeks ago, I heard very good things.


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