China News Network, Hangzhou, May 19 (Reporter Zhang Bin, intern Hu Dingyu) The reporter learned from the Hangzhou Xiaoshan official on the 19th that in recent days, the local will promote the integration and development of rural pension institutions to crack the previous "low, small, scattered" The situation, to better meet the needs of rural residents for high-quality pension services. It is understood that this move was initiated in the Zhejiang Department.

  At present, there are 385 extremely poor elderly people in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, 2,404 elderly people with severe disabilities in Dibao and marginalized families, and 2010 elderly in families with special difficulties in family planning. The occupancy rate of the local five township rural five guarantees (food, clothing, housing, medical, and burial) support service center is only 34.87%, and 575 elderly people are accommodated. After investigation, the rural five-guarantee support service center in Xiaoshan District still has defects such as backward infrastructure, extensive management methods, weak support capacity, and weak professional services, which restrict the development of the local pension service industry.

Rural pension institutions in Xiaoshan District. Photo courtesy of Xiaoshan District Civil Affairs Bureau

  "After adopting the group operation mode, the five-guarantee support service center in rural areas will be unified and professionally operated with pure state-owned assets to realize the strengthening of the bottom function and ensure the public welfare attributes. At the same time, it can form a multi-subject operation competition and mutual cooperation among public institutions, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and social organizations The market development pattern of checks and balances, and give full play to the market's main role, to achieve an organic combination of public welfare and marketability. "Xiaoshan District Civil Affairs Bureau head of the business section said.

  It is understood that in the future, the local will unify the group's brand, management standards, personnel management, financial procurement, hardware support, etc., and standardize the transformation and upgrade of the local rural five-guarantee support service center to make it reach the standard of two-star pension institutions. For example, the relevant five-guarantee support center will add a rehabilitation nursing room or a medical institution, and add nursing beds. Three local centralized support points will be completed by the end of this year. (Finish)