At 18:41 on May 17, a child was stuck between the two walls near the Land Administration Bureau of Daping Township, Tongcheng County, Xianning City, Hubei Province, unable to move, the child kept crying, and after receiving the police, the Tongcheng Avenue Fire and Rescue Station quickly dispatched 1 fire truck and 6 firemen went to the disposal.

  According to the police, the boy was 4 years old and was stuck between two walls while playing and was unable to move. The wall gap is about 15 meters long, and the width between the wall gap is about 15 centimeters. Because of the long time of being stuck, the boy has been crying.

  After on-site investigation, the walls on both sides were cement bricks. After the parents of the child and the owner agreed, the fire rescue personnel quickly determined the location of the wall. Rescuers made a notch in the left wall. During the process, the firefighter held the brick around the boy's head with his hand, and at the same time used the chisel to demolish the brick. Careful operation; and to prevent the brick debris from splashing during the demolishing On the boy's face, firefighters borrowed towels from nearby residents to protect the child's face and exposed parts of the body to avoid secondary injury to the child, and at the same time to appease the boy while breaking down.

  After nearly 40 minutes of intensive work by fire and rescue personnel, careful knocking, the wall was smashed with a hole that could accommodate the size of the upper body of an adult. Fire rescue workers reached out with the boy's family and slowly pulled it out of the hole. At 19:58, they successfully rescued the child. It was confirmed that the boy was only scratching the epidermal tissue, which was not harmful.

  (Correspondent Zhu Yanlin and Li Zhongliang edit Lu Jie)

Editor in charge: [Lu Yan]