'The Trot Shrine' Jang Min-ho's daily life, 'My Ugly Cub', was revealed for the first time in 13 consecutive weeks.

According to Nielsen Korea, the 1st and 3rd part of SBS 'My Ugly Baby (Miwoosae)' broadcasted on the 17th was 14.3%, 13.8%, and 16.3% of households in the metropolitan area. Took first place. The 2049 target audience rating, which is a topical and competitive index, rose 6.8% for the second week in a row, ranking No. 1 on Sunday entertainment, and the highest viewership per minute soared to 18.3%.

On this day, as the special MC, Yoo In-young of actor 'Goodcasting', who debuted for the 18th year, appeared and spoke frankly. Shin Dong-yeop laughed by introducing Yoo In-young, who played the role of a wicked woman, as "a mother of ulcers". In addition, when he said, "I said I wanted to get married at the age of thirty, but now I'm thirty-seven," Yoo In-young said, "Now I'm a little older than I want to do forty." Seo Jang-hoon asked, "Who do you want to meet with one of the Miusae sons?" Yoo In-young revealed that "I want to have a cup of rice wine with senior executives since I started my marriage recently."

Bae Jeong-nam invited his best friend and veteran actor Kim Jong-soo to his home, saying he would cook. Bae Jeong-nam introduced Kim Jong-su to Nurungji rice by introducing a newly decorated house with a brick pattern wallpaper. Kim Jong-soo, who tasted Bae Jeong-nam's hard Nurungji, said, "I don't think this has been solved?" Next, Bae Jeong-nam unsuccessfully discarded and unpacked the bag of shoes he had collected and took care of Kim Jong-soo. In addition, in the dressing room, he recommended a leather jacket, a jumpsuit, etc. and put it on. In response to this, Kim Jong-soo suspected that Bae Jeong-nam's persistent recommendation was "Are you throwing away this? As he continued to propose difficult fashions, Kim Jong-soo gave up and laughed by giving up and saying, "You can't feel your clothes, I'll just buy and wear my clothes."

Hong Sun-young, who came to Yo-Yo, who succeeded in losing 30kg and was unable to exercise due to Lee Seok-Jung, boarded a train for hell by director Yang Chi-Sung with comedian Kim Min-Kyung. "It is a symptom that people who do not want to exercise," Yang said. "Don't be stressed by diet control, eat comfortably, and enjoy exercising like a habit."

Particularly, Yang Chi-seung attracted attention by ordering that "two people exercise while shouting the food they want to eat instead of the command" when two people struggle during the dumbbell exercise. Hence, Sun-young Hong and Min-gyeong Kim mentioned all kinds of food from Chinese to Japanese menus to make them grab the belly button. After the exercise, the two of them had a meal, and in response to Kim Min-kyung's 'Bite of Mouth' challenge, Seon-Young Hong of Jeilseera built a food tower for the palm of her hand and successfully succeeded in 'Bite of Mouth'. Seo Jang-hoon said, "Isn't it a good person?" The next Hong Jin-young was worried about the dangerous friendship (?) Of the two, saying, "Don't you get fattened by eating?"

The protagonist who brought 'the best 1 minute' to viewership rating of 18.3% on this day was Trot Shinsa Jang Min-ho. When Jang Min-ho of the BTS, a forty-year-old BTS, who was forty-eight years old at the age of 512 months, first appeared in the studio, Gövenzers in the studio said, "Thanks to Jang Min-ho, Corona was very good." In particular, Hong Jin-young said, "Who did it? Mr. Jang Min-ho said," I want to die because of the wrinkles around my eyes! "

The clean and neat Jang Min-ho's house was revealed for the first time, and the storm praised him, saying, "I'm a man, but I'm clean and my house is clean." In addition, I couldn't take my eyes off, saying, "I don't have anything, but it's attractive" even after shaving after cleansing.

Jang Min-ho began the morning with the food prepared by Hyung-su. Jang Min-ho naturally washes the rice and catches the eye. Suddenly, he calls 母 and says, "Do you wash until all the white water is gone?" Jang Min-ho, who ate all the rice, immediately washes the dishes, but after seeing this, Wen Vengers said, "I don't think I should do the dishes right now." This scene featured the highest viewership per minute up to 18.3% on the day.

Following this, Young Tak, the 'Trother Brother', also visited Jang Min-ho's house. The first visit to Jang Min-ho's house said, “I like the house. The view is so good.” Jang Min-ho, Yeong-tak, and Chemi of 'Brother Trot' were noticed that they will be released next week in earnest.

'My Ugly Baby' is broadcast every Sunday at 9:05.

Reporter Kang Sun-ae  

(SBS funE Reporter Kang Sun-ae)