The little girl in the online class under the case board has a new learning space, as well as these good news ...

  On May 15, Ke Enya, a "little girl under the chopping board" in Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei, was a day full of love and affection. Her learning environment was refreshed and she no longer had to worry about the chopping board.

Xiao Enya's learning environment has a new look. Photograph by Yang Wei

  Earlier, Ke Enya's deeds of insisting on learning under the chopping board in her parents' stewed dish shop were widely concerned by the mainstream media and all walks of life in the community. The family's spirit of striving to work hard under the epidemic impressed millions of netizens.

"Learning under the chopping board" is a thing of the past

  Ke Enya is a first-year student at Yuyangguan Township Primary School, Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County, Hubei, and her parents sell braised vegetables at the local bazaar. Previously, Xiao Enya could only sit in the iron frame under the chopping board to learn.

Previously, Xiao Enya could only sit in the iron frame under the chopping board to study (data map) Yang Weishe

  On the morning of the 16th, in the braised vegetable shop opened by Ke Enya's parents, the reporter saw that the inside and outside of the shop had been completely renovated. Ke Enya stayed with her mother Zhao Weiwei as usual.

The braised vegetable shop opened by Ke Enya's parents has been renovated. Photograph by Yang Wei

  However, at this time, Xiao Enya was no longer under the chopping board, but was sitting in front of a brand-new study desk in the store. On the table, computers, desk lamps, school supplies, etc. are readily available.

Xiao Enya is no longer taking online classes under the chopping board. Yang Weishe

  Zhao Weiwei said that children have been teaching in such a small space for a long time, and they are always facing the computer screen. They always feel that they have an impact on the body.

  In order to improve the children's learning environment, the couple has transformed the booth counters in recent days to make room for children to place learning chairs. From the 15th, Coenya no longer has to curl up on the board to take classes.

Zhao Weiwei opened up a place for children to place study chairs Yang Weishe

Passing on Love Improves Xiao Enya's Learning Environment

  Due to the difficult living conditions, there is no broadband installed in the store. Coenya can only rub the network of neighboring residents or use her mother ’s mobile phone hotspot to connect to the network for classes. Sometimes when her mother calls or needs to use a mobile phone, the effect of online classes will be affected.

  After seeing the report, Hubei Yichang Unicom took immediate action and organized the Wufeng County Urban Service Center to open a new broadband for Ke Enya to give her peace of mind online classes.

With the broadband, Xiao Enya does not need to rub the net for classes. Yang Weishe

  At the same time, the education department of Wufeng took the lead, and socially-loved people donated new wooden desks, eye protection lamps, and school supplies to the students in the market where Coenya is located.

Socially caring people donated a new wooden desk to Ke Enya Yang Weishe

  Not only that, the entire series of learning packages including online children's English, mathematics thinking education, teaching course counseling, etc., donated by the educational product team "Qingbei Online School", "Guagualong", "GoGokid" of ByteDance's subsidiary , Also successfully delivered to the Ke Enya family.

  The relevant team that donated learning courses and school supplies said that after seeing the report about Coenya, the team was moved by the children's enthusiasm for learning, whether as a parent or an education practitioner, they hoped to give Enya learning Do your best.

Mother doing business Xiao Enya reviewing homework Yang Weishe

"Hope" makes the bazaar market a vast world

  On the morning of the 16th, just after the online class, Zhao Weiwei asked Ke Enya to go out to play for a while and move his body. Xiao Enya made a few friends and played "Eagle Catching Chicken" outside the braised vegetable shop.

Weiwei Zhao checks her homework while playing with Ke Enya Yang Weishe

Xiao Enya and her friends have fun playing with Yang Weishe

  Zhao Weiwei had spent a few days with her daughter at home, let Xiao Enya calm down to study. After the shop was renovated and reopened, she met Koenya's homework when she encountered no customers, because "reading is the first priority."

Zhao Weiwei tutoring homework for Ke Enya Yang Weishe

  Now, the braised dishes shop has been replaced with new chopping boards and aluminum alloy doors and windows that have been scheduled for a long time, and the internal layout has been adjusted. The activity space in the shop has increased a lot. Not only do you no longer have to curl up to learn, you can even dance.

  Ke Enya's favorite and familiar song is "Listen to me, thank you". After a net class, she performed a live "Listen to me, thank you", singing and dancing, all in one go.

  During the online class, Zhao Weiwei has been with her daughter. Xiao Enya turned her back to the shop door and window, wearing headphones specially designed to reduce the noise interference. "I hope she can study hard and concentrate."

Zhao Weiwei has been with her daughter Yang Weishe

  Outside of work, Zhao Weiwei checked her homework in the shop. Ke Enya played happily with her friends in the market. The small bazaar was like a vast world full of vitality and hope.

Xiao Enya's smile is full of hope Yang Weishe

  Author: Dong Xiaobin Guo Xiaoying Yang Wei editor: Liu Huan