More than 90% of day service offices nationwide The new Corona has deteriorated in management May 17 at 17:38

A nationwide group of care providers conducted a questionnaire survey to more than 1800 care service establishments asking about the impact of the new coronavirus on business, and found that more than 90% of day service establishments were “affected”. I answered. Some day service offices are beginning to withdraw due to the deterioration of management due to the corona shock, and experts point out that "management support is necessary so that necessary services cannot be received."

The National Federation of Nursing Care Businesses conducts a questionnaire survey asking about the impact of the new coronavirus on business for one week until the 12th of this month, and receives answers from 1862 nursing care service establishments nationwide including 727 day service establishments. I got it.

Of these,
55.7% of the total responded that they
were “affected” , 37.7% answered that they may be impacted, and
“No impact” was only 6.6%. It was.

Looking at the percentage of respondents who were "affected" by type of establishment,
▽ Day service was 91%,
▽ Short stay was 76%,
▽ Visit care was 47%,
▽ Paid nursing home was 37%,
▽ Nursing home for the elderly is 17%,
▽ Group home is 13%, and
it can be seen the influence of self-restraint and voluntary leave that spread mainly on day service and short stay.

In many cases, free-form statements asking about business issues call for a decrease in sales due to a decrease in the number of users and an increase in expenses due to a sharp rise in the prices of hygiene products, etc. There is also a voice of anxiety about the cash flow, such as "It is expected to worsen because the deficit was compensated for."

Some day service offices are starting to withdraw due to the deterioration of management due to the corona shock.

Business withdrawal companies accelerated due to the death of Ken Shimura

Some day service providers, whose business is getting worse, are starting to withdraw from the nursing care business.

Tokyo A company that used to operate a rehabilitation-type day service office in Nishi-Tokyo decided to withdraw from the nursing care business and submitted a "discontinuation notice" to the city hall last month.

At this business site, where about 150 users were registered, in order to prevent infections, self-restraint began to spread from February this year.

Initially, the number of users declined by about 30%, but when the spread of infection progressed and it was reported at the end of March that Ken Shimura, a comedian, died, the number of users accelerated rapidly.

Profit has been difficult to keep due to the effect of lowering the fee for day service due to the revision of nursing care fee five years ago, and if it continues to operate as it is, a deficit of 1.2 million yen to 1.5 million yen is expected in one go Therefore, the president of the operating company decided to withdraw from the nursing care business, which had continued for six years.

In April, the number of users decreased further, to about half of what it used to be, and there were days when the number of users per day was less than the number of staff.

Regarding registered users, we have taken over to nearby business offices so that we can receive the same services as before.

The president of the operating company said, "Even if there is a user who is absent from the day service, the situation of registering at the office remains the same, so I could not easily accept a new user and felt that it was a very difficult situation. The biggest reason I decided to withdraw was that I felt that I had to put a lot of effort into recovering the sales that had dropped significantly due to the effects of the coronavirus, unless there was a significant revision to the long-term care fee. , I didn't think I could continue this business anymore. "

Expert “May be even more serious State support for management”

Regarding the results of this survey, Associate Professor Tatsuaki Takano of Toyo University, who is familiar with nursing care for the elderly, said, `` Because we were closed to prevent infection and reduced the service, nursing care fees began to decrease and management problems It shows that there is a tendency to expand from now on. It is considered that the damage has been done because there is a history of severe revisions to nursing care fees for day service offices. "

He added, "Whether or not the declaration of emergency has been lifted, the business must continue to operate while shrinking for some time. There is a possibility that the balance of income and expenditure will be lost and the number of business establishments will be in the red or out of control. However, the nursing care service business is structured so that it is difficult to make a profit, so more managers may be worried about business continuity. ”

In addition, he said, "Since the situation may become even more serious, it is necessary for the government to provide management support so that the elderly will not receive the necessary services."