Disappeared people 8 years after the master's child disappeared, Henan sixty-year old man wrote 78 letters to miss

  "Qing'er, we are your son. We will double and double to you when you come back. Our door will always be open for you. Please contact your family as soon as possible." A few days ago, Yang Qifeng, a resident of Xinyang City, Henan Province, told Peng Mei News (www.thepaper.cn), he hopes to find his son Yang Qing who has been missing for 8 years.

  Yang Qifeng told reporters that his son has been very smart since childhood and has excellent grades. He went to middle school at the age of ten and went to college at the age of sixteen. However, he has an introverted personality and does not like to communicate with others. He has few friends. After graduating from Shaanxi Normal University in 2010, Yang Qing worked at a company in Quanzhou and suddenly left after more than a year of work. When he returned home to find a job online, he repeatedly encountered a wall. After going out on the morning of July 30, 2012 Audio. In the year of disappearance, Yang Qing was 28 years old.

  After Yang Qing disappeared, writing a letter to his son became Yang Qifeng's biggest sustenance. He wore reading glasses and posted hard every day, urging netizens to reprint his letter of seeking children, "I want to contact my son too much every few days. Just send the letter I wrote to his QQ mailbox. It took two years to write, a total of 78 letters. I wish I could receive a reply letter. "

  For 8 years, the family has been looking for Yang Qing's whereabouts. They have traveled to Henan, Anhui, Hubei, Jiangsu and other places to get news. They have also contacted the media and posted on various websites, but there are still no valuable clues.

  Yang Qifeng told reporters that whenever he thought of his son being alone, he was heartbroken. "Despite the difficulties, I never thought of giving up. I'm not afraid of hardships or tiredness. I'm just afraid of not finding my son!"

Silent genius boy

  "Although the life is poor, my son has been very smart since he was a child. He passed the college entrance examination at Wuhan University of Science and Technology and later studied for a master's degree at Shaanxi Normal University. He has always been my pride." Yang Qifeng said with relief.

  "My wife and I are both rural teachers. Yang Qing taught him a lot of Tang poems, songs and nursery rhymes when he was a child. He played chess when he was four or five years old. Even the teachers in our school are not his opponents. Go is self-taught because we are here No one played Go, so he walked away with black spots and white spots alone. "

  "Yang Qing's photos of the award-winning singing contest in the whole township primary and middle school when he was nine years old. Our family has kept it. When he was a little older, he played well in table tennis and basketball. What I am most proud of is his study. There are only 5 people in the school who are admitted to the key junior high school. Yang Qing is the only boy among them. He was only 10 years old at that time. Now he is not rare at the age of 10 when he was in junior high school. As a child, Yang Qifeng was extremely proud.

  However, by the time of the high school sports test, the younger Yang Qing did not achieve good results due to his short stature. Yang Qifeng said that although his son Yang Qing was assigned to the ordinary class, his results were still among the best. The three examinations in the first academic year were ranked eighth, fourth and second in the school, respectively, and exceeded two experimental classes. Many students. Because of this, the school directly picked him into the best class.

  Yang Qifeng told reporters that Yang Qing had been more introverted since childhood, did not like to talk, had few friends, and had never heard him talk to any classmates in school.

  In order to let his son have more friends, when Yang Qing went to university, Yang Qing ’s mother repeatedly proposed that he invite his classmates to be guests at home. Yang Qing's mother, but unfortunately, the invited male student can't come. "Unexpectedly, Yang Qing brought three girls to our house for a week, and stayed for a week. One of the girls was Yang Qing's girlfriend. Later, both of them took the postgraduate exam. The girl went to Shenzhen to find a job without being admitted. Because he was not in a city, he finally broke up. "Yang Qifeng said helplessly.

  "I still remember when Yang Qing graduated from Master, he came home a few days in advance. I asked him at the time, you should come back on July 1 when you graduate on July 1, why do n’t you take photos with your mentor and classmates? Zhang Xiang, leaving a correspondence address with each other, it is very convenient to find a job and communicate in the future. He did not say anything at the time. "Yang Qifeng said," Later, he did not see his master's graduation photo. His son only showed him his graduation certificate and degree certificate. "

  Yang Qifeng told reporters that although his son is not talkative and reticent, he is a particularly frugal and sensible child. "When sending him to Shaanxi Normal University for postgraduate study, my friend brought him a box of lunch before getting on the bus. After dinner, his son wiped the crimson wooden chopsticks clean and wrapped it in a newspaper and put it in a backpack. This scene I still have a fresh memory so far. My son ’s clothes in elementary school and junior high school were mostly changed from the old clothes of adults. Later, he always bought cheap ones himself, and never bought a clothes and shoes that cost hundreds of dollars. Every time we saw him take off his broken sneakers in front of the door, we were very sad and always quietly thrown away by his mother. "

  Yang Qing is very frugal to himself, but generous to others. "Once I went to see him in Quanzhou, my son divided the tea and chestnut I brought into two packets, and did not leave them at all, and gave them all to my colleagues." Yang Qifeng said that his son is very generous to others, but he is not at home Wealthy, grandma and grandma were going to see a doctor and taking medicine at that time, and they owed a lot of money to buy a house at home, all of which required money.

Looking for work after leaving

  After graduating in 2010, Yang Qing worked in a company in Anxi County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province. The unit is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and to the south is the local government and market town. Since going to work, Yang Qing has lived in the staff dormitory of the unit. Due to the long distance and busy work, he has not been home for a year.

  "Is my son lonely? Was he excluded? He is a man who never speaks bad things about others and never complains. Has his son grown up again? Is he stronger than before? Did he buy clothes himself? Xi is not used to life in the South. ? Tired of work? What is the relationship with the leadership colleagues? Is it still so good as words? I made up my mind to see him. "Yang Qifeng silently expressed his concern for his son on the blog.

  "He has an introverted personality and seldom communicates with his family. I was on duty again at school, and I was afraid of affecting Yang Qing to work. I never visited him. I called Yang Qing for a period of time and always didn't answer or said that he had something to do. Hurry to hang up, we feel that he may have something to hide from us. "Yang Qifeng said.

  As expected, Yang Qing called his parents a few days later and said that he had quit his job. "I asked him that he had been working for more than a year. Why didn't he discuss it with his family? He said he was too busy to tell me." Yang Qifeng recalled that Yang Qing left home in March 2012 and did not immediately start looking for a job. Instead, I played for almost a month.

  Yang Qifeng looked in his eyes, anxiously, "I said to him, you can't always play, what about work? Yang Qing said that he can find a job on May 1st, let us not worry about him." In fact, Yang Qi Feng remembered that at that time, his son had posted a resume on the Internet for a month, and did not receive any application information from any company.

  Yang Qing ’s mother was very distressed when she saw her son sullenly and refused to speak all day. “His mother told him that he could n’t find us, so we stopped looking for it. Take it slowly. The next day I continued to enlighten him and told him that it ’s no big deal. Hope. He should not be so pessimistic, he can adjust his mindset. "Yang Qifeng told reporters that day was the day before Yang Qing disappeared.

  "One of the students we taught that day was admitted to college. If I had to let us pass, my son would tell my lover without worrying about it, or if you would go alone, I would accompany my son at home. The lover said that people have invited us a lot It ’s too hard to refuse, let ’s go. ”Yang Qifeng recalled that day,“ His son went out alone at night. He used to go out at night without saying hello. Sometimes he did n’t even go home for a few days, and we did n’t do it. If you do n’t find him, do n’t worry about him. ”

  "At 6 o'clock the next morning, my son came back, and we didn't ask too much. His mother went to the kitchen to cook for him, and Yang Qing went to the bathroom to take a shower. Later, his mother found out that his son didn't know when to go out after taking a shower. After that, Yang Qing never came back and did not take away his mobile phone, ID card and money when he left home. "

  Yang Qifeng told reporters that his son had not suffered setbacks and hits before, and failed the college entrance examination and failed to enter the ideal university. As a result, Yangqing University applied for the second year of withdrawal and re-entered the college entrance examination. After that, he was admitted to Wuhan University of Science and Technology in chemical engineering and technology; After graduating from the master's degree, I also experienced the struggle of finding a job. I kept myself in the house every day and even submitted my resume when I was eating. Three months later, I also found a job in Anxi County, Quanzhou City. "I still don't understand why my son said goodbye. , There is not even a single message. "

78 one-way letters to his son

  "At first I thought he would go home as usual in a few days, but after a few days there was no news of him. At that time, I gradually realized that he was missing. We called the police one month after he left home." Yang Qifeng sighed.

  On October 26, 2012, 88 days after his son Yang Qing disappeared, Yang Qifeng wrote his first letter to his son. "Er, where are you, how is your weather? Are you cold? My mom and I miss you day and night, and heartache for you. Just ask you to contact us and let us see you to alleviate our affection for you Feelings of miss ... "

  "After Yang Qing disappeared, his mother suffered from insomnia all year round and completely needed sleeping pills to lightly sleep. Where there was natural disaster or man-made disaster, he became even more restless and worried about the death of his son. As for me, my eyes became more and more invisible. When the other person mentioned his son, that kind of pain was heartbreaking. "

  On January 29, 2013, the 59th letter recorded the sadness of Yang Qing ’s family after his disappearance, “Qing, two sick old men are very worried that my mother and I will not be able to persist and will die in front of them. You 78 The grandmother with cirrhosis came to our house more than once and took my hand and said, son, you must be strong, and the green mother must care for each other, you must have a length of two, and I do n’t Alive. And every time I see your 84-year-old grandmother, she always sheds tears: Yang Qing has n’t returned yet? Why did you get to this point? Your mother did n’t cry for a day, do n’t regret it, Do n’t blame yourself, do n’t complain. I ’m anxious about her, and I said, you think my life is better than you? I ’m often irritable, upset, and I want to jump off the third floor more than once and hit it The thoughts in the car are all there. The tears of your mother, your grandma, and your milk flow to me, and the tears of your dad flow into the night, to the earth. "

  The 78 letters recorded the daily trivialities, the words he wanted to say to his son, and the old father ’s untied heart. "Why don't you like to communicate with people, don't you have a common language? Why don't you care so much about food, clothing and housing? Why are you so mean? Why don't you fall in love? What's wrong with me and your mother, or have other people hurt you?" On November 10, 2012, he wrote to Yang Qing in his 18th letter.

  "Although hope is slim, I will not give up searching for my son. I will post these 78 letters repeatedly in the Sina blog. I also hope that good-hearted people can help us. I hope that one day my son will see and let him know, Mom and Dad. "I have always loved and loved him very much," Yang Qifeng choked, "We are particularly afraid of the sound, but we are afraid that our son will not return home, or miss the opportunity to receive information from his son. Dare not shut down. "

  When the reporter asked what he most wanted to say to his son, Yang Qifeng paused, saying one by one, "Qing'er, we are your son, we can't bear it anymore, come back soon, Mom and Dad Miss you, our door will always be open for you. Hurry up and contact your family. "

  Surging News reporter Zhang Chengjie intern Wang Jiaqi