Corona 5 forced the return of the lifting of the ban and the need to take new measures after monitoring increases in the number of patients and deaths.

Five countries, including an Arab country, have reimposed closure measures or taken precautionary measures, after an increase in Corona injuries, after some measures were partially lifted recently.

China ... Wuhan ghost reappears

China has stopped reopening the country completely and has restored measures it had previously lifted, after recording new cases of the Coronavirus, especially in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic.

Chinese authorities closed the city of Wuhan in late January, but by early March, new reported cases had fallen to 200 cases per day or less.

At the end of March, the country implemented a series of reopening measures, and as of Thursday, the country had seen no more than 36 new cases per day in a full month.

But Wuhan last Monday recorded 6 new cases, breaking 35 days of no injuries. Despite this, the government has not reimposed the closure, but is testing all of the city's 11 million residents.

German focus on foci

While Germany is gradually graduating from the closure process, the authorities are still tightening the procedures in areas that witnessed sudden jumps and recorded a rise in the number of infections with the Coruna virus recently.

On May 8, the German government reactivated emergency measures in 3 provinces that saw the spread of the virus, especially in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein.

The emergency measures that were activated in these areas included limiting the general movement and imposing a medical examination on all factory workers to ensure that they are free of the virus.

South Korea closes bars

On May 9, South Korea recorded 34 cases of coronavirus, weeks after keeping the number of infections below ten, which prompted the authorities to repeat the closure procedures.

The new injuries were discovered in an area containing a nightclub in Seoul, and since then bars and clubs in the capital have been closed again, and the reopening of schools and some companies has been postponed.

The new closure came less than a week after the country lifted restrictions on social estrangement and announced that South Korea is preparing to start a "new daily life with the Coronavirus."

Close the province of Iran

Iran, one of the hotspots for the outbreak of the Corona virus, imposed a new ban on the southwestern province of Khuzestan last Monday, as authorities continued to reopen schools elsewhere.

The cases of infection in Iran had declined until May 2 when it reached about 800 injuries, but the index of injuries began to rise again steadily, and the country recorded last Monday about 1700 new cases.

Khuzestan Governor Ghulam Reza Shariati blamed citizens who did not implement a policy of social separation, which increased the number of injuries in recent days.

Lebanon .. 4-day closure

Last Wednesday, Lebanon, after days of lifting a ban that lasted for several weeks, re-imposed the closure procedures again for 4 days due to the large increase in the number of new injuries.

Since mid-April, the country has been reporting fewer than 10 new cases a day, but on May 7, new daily cases rose to 34, after opening bars, restaurants and barbershops.

While announcing the new measures, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that the high number of infections is due to the lack of commitment of some residents to health directives to prevent the virus.