• Festival. Eurovision does not allow the same songs to compete in the 2021 edition as this year

The Eurovision organization has confirmed this Saturday that the 2021 edition will take place in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, the same that should have hosted this year's festival tonight, the first suspended in its 65-year history due to the coronavirus pandemic. .

The announcement took place during the broadcast of the special "Europe Shine A Light", produced against the clock by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and public television in the Netherlands as a substitute for the traditional contest.

Last April, the municipality of Rotterdam already showed its willingness to host Eurovision 2021 and approved for it to increase by 6.7 million euros the budget that it planned to allocate to organize the 2020 festival.

Following Dutchman's Duncan Laurence's victory in Israel in 2019, several cities in the Netherlands were nominated to host this failed edition.

Rotterdam was chosen after analyzing the "technical suitability" of the location, the surrounding facilities and the financial contribution of the municipality.

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