The robbers of "La Casa de Papel" should return for a season 5 - Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Netflix

This is called half-word confirmation. In an interview with the American media Deadline , Álex Pina, the creator of La Casa de Papel reviewed the worldwide success of his series. According to the site, season 4 was watched in more than 65 million homes around the globe within 30 days of its release on April 3.

An impressive figure that would have prompted Netflix to order a fifth season from the dad of the series, which however does not confirm the information because "Netflix will put a bomb in [his] house" if he does, jokes Alex Pina. It will therefore be necessary to wait for news from the side of the American giant and its communication, always well put together, to jump for joy.

A new series on Netflix

If you miss Tokyo, Rio, Denver and the other robbers of La Casa de Papel , perhaps you could console yourself with the last series of its creator, White Lines , available since Friday May 15 on Netflix. The story is about Zoe Walker, a thirty-something who leaves her peaceful little life to investigate the disappearance of her brother in Ibiza, where she quickly finds herself in a world as disorganized as it is dangerous. Sex, violence and drugs are to be expected on the program.


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