"The first thing I will do is sunbathe. The second will be hugging a tree." From his home in Bologna , Ezio Bosso wrote his wishes for when the "cages open" in his last interview with Corriere della Sera . Unfortunately, you will never be able to fulfill it. Ezio Bosso is dead. Director, composer and pianist, Ezio Bosso was born in Turin on September 13, 1971. He was 48 years old .

Bosso lived since 2011 with a neurodegenerative disease that was diagnosed during surgery for a brain tumor. His disease was identified by the media as ALS , amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a pathology in which the first symptoms, episodes of muscular atrophy, transform in a few years into the total deterioration of vital functions.

Last September, he announced to the public that he had to say goodbye to the piano due to illness. "If you love me, don't ask me to sit down at the piano and play again. Among my ailments now I also have two disused fingers. If I can't give the piano enough, I'd better leave it."

A few days ago, Bosso also said that he was studying plays "that I may never direct", and confessed his "crazy wish" after these days of isolation: "Hug my friends. By nature, I am shy, reserved and with the body I have a particular focus. I don't hug anyone, only who I want, and always enveloping the other totally. This forced abstinence weighs on me. It will be interesting to find a physical relationship. Maybe there will be a little shame, maybe a little fear. We will laugh or the tears will come. I don't know how it will be. But whatever it is, we will smile. Happy to be alive. "

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