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  • After six seasons and a lot of drama, the Murder  series  ended in the United States
  • Created by Peter Nowalk and produced by Shonda Rhimes, the show grew up in the shadow of  Gray 'Anatomy  and  Scandal , and experienced a catastrophic French broadcast
  • The finale recalls the heyday of so-called “traditional” television, with farewell to the  Lost  or Game of Thrones .


With the coronavirus, the planet Hollywood has stopped spinning. Literally. Filming of films and series stopped overnight, the cinema releases were postponed and all the series could not finish their seasons. This is only a postponement for some, rather in January than at the start of the new school year, but a heartbreak for others, like Empire, which was the last season and which will not experience any real end. How To Away With Murder , the series created by Peter Nowalk and produced by Shonda Rhimes, escaped it. Fortunately, the fans would not have recovered. The sixth and final season ended Thursday evening in the United States, and is already available for purchase on iTunes, before landing on Netflix and perhaps on French television, which never helped to publicize the series.

#HTGAWMFinale Me dodge all the spoils on the final episode of Murder

- laura (@TornLaura) May 15, 2020

An almost anachronistic finale to the binge era

At 20 Minutes , we're fans of Murder (its shortened French title), a series that could pass for guilty pleasure, and an excellent one, but which turns out to be much more, a real hellish machine like the Cocteau, a narrative and emotional time bomb, and one-woman-show of its star Viola Davis.

The grand finale, in fact the last episodes, came to remind us of its qualities, but also that we no longer make this kind of ending, farewells, in the era of Peak TV, streaming and binge watching. The end of Game of Thrones also sounded that of “traditional” television, major events, and yet the final stretch of Murder , a real countdown, made fans and social networks vibrate week after week. , until the last moment. A nice tour de force.

Let's be serious 2 minutes. Impossible that in 45min, the #HTGAWM series will be completed next week? So many questions still pending!

- Clara (@Clara_Guy) May 8, 2020

One hour to answer all questions?

When he sees a group of law students joining the cabinet of their professor Annalize Keating, the viewer can expect yet another judicial series and other formula show . It will not be. The series will be serial or not, a "serial" multiplying flash-back and flash-forward, twists and the dead, but almost always keeping a dynamic, miraculous balance. A 10,000 piece brain puzzle where the authors never forget anything and always fall back on their feet, where a simple detail like a mysterious phone call can make sense several episodes, even seasons, later.

Murder takes time, investment, frustration too, but knows how to be rewarding. The series had to answer a lot of questions in its finale, and fans wondered about its ability to do it in 45 minutes, and yet, it succeeds, privileging logic and emotion to surprise and artifice .

The coup de théâtre as a trademark

Be careful, in six seasons, Murder may have lost his way. After two years in almost closed circuit, with its hard core of heroes and heroines, the series had to open up to new characters and intrigues, for the best (Tegan) and for the worst (the Castillo). But the last season succeeds in closing the loop, and recalls that the series made risky but profitable choices, like these a priori secondary characters (Frank, Bonnie, Nate) who imposed themselves in the foreground. The proof with this unexpected revelation about Frank two episodes from the end, a surprise that no one had asked for but that everyone needed.

The dramatic moves had become the trademark of the series, among the best of the last serial decade, with for example the death of Wes in season 3 then his return in season 6. The viewer may well have the truth in front of him , he can't believe it, or doesn't want to believe it, and is still waiting for a final twist. That's also Murder's strength , and the power of fiction.

#HTGAWMFinale Viola Davis, at the top of her game, she has gone through all the stages. His acting was simply masterful from start to finish. This actress deserves to be named among the biggest Meryl s
Streep, Nicole Kidman ....

- Carl W. (@RudWcb) May 15, 2020

My runny nose looks like Annalize 😔 #HTGAWMFinale

- Sayaaa Harkness Keating 👑 (@Justsayaa) May 15, 2020

All this would not have been possible without the characters and their interpreters, Viola Davis at the head, so many pawns on the chessboard of good and evil but also of complex, deep, inclusive, political heroes and heroines… The final argument of 'Annalize Keating is worth from this point of view any twist, and the end of Murder manages to be, according to the character, a happy end, an injustice, a surprise ... A success?


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