Qilu Net Lightning News May 14th After the research and approval of the Provincial Party Committee ’s New Coronary Pneumonia Outbreak Handling Group (Command Headquarters), high schools (including vocational schools, technical colleges, the same below), junior high schools and non-graduation grades of colleges and universities Elementary schools, kindergartens and special education schools have resumed their studies and resumed classes in the middle and late May.

  Non-graduating students from colleges and universities (including those affiliated to the Ministry of Lu) who have passed the school condition verification will return to the school and resume classes one after another from May 18 to 28. The specific time will be determined by the resident city in conjunction with the university.

  High school and junior high school non-graduation grades, elementary school grades 3-6 from May 18th to 28th successively return to school; Primary school grades 1-2 and kindergartens resume from the beginning of June successively; special education schools, off-campus training institutions resume June .

  High schools, junior high schools and elementary schools, kindergartens, special education schools, and off-campus training institutions that have not graduated grades must pass the examination of the opening conditions before returning to school.

  In accordance with the principle of territorial management, all localities comprehensively consider factors such as the regional epidemic risk level and the student's stage, grade, schooling method, and source of birth. The specific resumption time for non-graduation grades in senior high schools is determined by each city in accordance with the principle of "city synchronization"; the specific resumption time for non-graduation grades, primary schools and kindergartens in junior high school is determined by each county (city, district) in accordance with the principle of "county synchronization". In principle, special education schools will resume classes after all primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have resumed school; off-campus training institutions will arrange offline resume classes after ordinary secondary and primary schools have resumed.

  Lightning News reporter Zhang Hongbo reports