China Weather Network News estimated that today (14th), Beijing has a lot of sky clouds and the highest temperature is around 29 ℃. In the next three days, Beijing ’s weak cold air activities will remind citizens to pay more attention to the weather when they go out to prevent colds.

  Yesterday, the weather in Beijing was "warm", like a summer day. The maximum temperature has increased from the previous day. As of 14:00, the maximum temperature in most Beijing is around 30 ℃. However, the southerly winds increased in the afternoon, and with the southerly airstream there was still a slight floating dust over Beijing, but the degree was significantly weaker than the previous day.

  According to the latest forecast released by the Beijing Meteorological Observatory this morning, it is cloudy during the day, and the southerly wind turns from level 2 to 3, 4 with a maximum temperature of 29 ° C. At night, it is cloudy and overcast, it turns southerly from east to wind 1 and 2 and the minimum temperature is 15 ° C. Today the sky has a lot of clouds, and the south wind is obvious in the afternoon. Please pay attention to the wind when traveling.

  In the next three days, Beijing's weak cold air activities will be mainly cloudy to cloudy, and rainy weather will also come to Beijing from time to time. Tomorrow during the day, there will be thunderstorms in the mountainous area of ​​Beijing. At night, the western and northern areas of Beijing will also be affected by thunderstorms.

  Meteorological experts remind that citizens need to pay more attention to the near-term forecast in the near future, make travel arrangements in advance, and take precautions. In addition, the temperature will also cool down again during the rain, and citizens need to adjust their dress in time according to the weather to avoid catching a cold.