China News Service, Chongqing, May 14 (Reporter Liu Xianglin) The reporter learned from the Dadukou Branch of the Chongqing Public Security Bureau on the 14th that the bureau had recently cracked a case of manufacturing and selling counterfeit brand-name washing powder. Tons, raw materials and semi-finished products nearly 20 tons.

  According to the police handling the case, Mr. Chen is a marketing specialist for a well-known domestic chemical company. At the beginning of this year, when he investigated the sales of products in some wholesale markets in Chongqing, he found that the abnormality: the prices of washing powder from multiple brands sold in a wholesale market were even cheaper than the factory price. In the later investigation, Mr. Chen found that these washing powders were no different from the outside, but the purchase channels were abnormal, so he reported the case to the police.

  After receiving the alarm, the police started from the sales terminal and locked four suspects of counterfeiting headed by Li Mou and Wang Mou, and found four counterfeit warehouses in Dadukou District and Jiulongpo District of Chongqing. The police found that although the gates of these warehouses were usually locked, in fact, production was still intensified during the epidemic, and raw materials and finished products were transported at night and repacked during the day.

The picture shows some of the counterfeit brand-name washing powder seized by the police. Photo courtesy of the police

  On May 7, after determining the production and storage dens, and after obtaining a large amount of evidence for the manufacture and sale of counterfeit brand-name washing powder, the police conducted a surprise investigation with the relevant departments and arrested all four criminal suspects. On the spot, the police seized more than 100,000 sealing tools, electronic platform scales, sealing machines, criminal vehicles and other criminal tools, as well as fake brand-name washing powder packaging bags.

  The main criminal suspects Li and Wang confessed that since last year, they have purchased cheap detergents, branded bags and other items from other places, carried out counterfeiting in Chongqing, and sold them at low prices as fake detergents.

  At present, Limou and Wangmou have been taken criminally by the police, and the case is still being processed.