China News Service, May 13 Wu Zunyou, chief expert of epidemiology at the Chinese Center for Disease Control, said on the 13th that according to the assessment of current risks, dinner should be based on a principle, as far as possible, do n’t gather as much as possible, and eat outdoors Not indoors, pay attention to ventilation indoors. Dinner is also for the needs of work, do not drink alcohol, punch, sing poetry, shorten the time as much as possible.

  The State Council ’s joint defense and control mechanism held a press conference on the 13th. Wu Zunyou said that most parts of the country are now in low-risk areas. Various meetings can be held in these areas, but prevention and control measures are needed. If you can use video conferencing, video conferencing is preferred as much as possible.

  In addition, there are no clear restrictions on the number and size of the meetings that need to be held on the spot. They should be arranged according to the conditions of the venue, such as ventilation and work needs. How many people and how long should be arranged, and short meetings should be held as much as possible. Reduce the scope of personnel as much as possible. There must be some precautions during the meeting, such as maintaining ventilation and keeping a certain distance between the delegates, including the prevention and control guidelines when eating.

  Wu Zunyou pointed out that the exhibition is the same, the ventilation of the exhibition hall is better, and the disinfection measures are kept up. During the exhibition, for example, the exhibition personnel and the people who come to visit and introduce should also keep a certain distance, and wear masks at the same time. As long as these measures are in place, it should be said that the possibility of an outbreak is very small. The risk of infection is still very small nationally. So the meeting can be held.

  Wu Zunyou said that when it comes to meetings, it will involve eating and gathering. What are the clear requirements and restrictions for dinner? According to the assessment of the current risk, dinner is also possible, but a principle should be grasped, those who can not gather as much as possible, those who can eat outdoors are not indoors, and indoors should pay attention to ventilation. Dinner is also for the needs of work, do not drink and punch, sing poetry, shorten the time as much as possible.