"The old man was taken into the maternity hospital"

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  "It's still a familiar recipe, it's the original taste." The old man was taken into the maternity hospital, and it was still a trick to cheat the guard.

  Recently, the 78-year-old man was quietly taken into the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in Hanbin District, Ankang City, which caused widespread concern.

  According to the Beijing News, Mr. Li, an Ankang man, said that his 78-year-old father was taken to the maternity hospital. A total of eight elderly people in the village were taken to the hospital. In response to this, on May 11, the Ankang Hanbin District Government responded that a work leadership group had been established to fully investigate the incident. At the same time, with the consent of the patient's family, 8 elderly patients including Li Moumou were transferred to the First Hospital of Hanbin District for diagnosis and treatment. At present, the local authorities have requested that the hospital be closed for rectification, and the inpatients have been properly placed.

  "If something goes wrong, there must be a demon." This is an assertion that has been proved by facts. The 78-year-old man was quietly taken to a maternity hospital for convalescence. The doctor promised to "reimburse all expenses and pay for meals". As a result, he was issued a "dangerous notice" the next day, but the old man was healthy at home ... There are signs that there must be "articles".

  "It's still a familiar recipe, or the original taste." The hospital's strange operations made people familiar, and some netizens questioned sharply that this was a poor trick to protect.

  The medical insurance fund is the "healing money" and "life-saving money" of the people, but it has also become the "tang monk meat" in the eyes of some criminals. In recent years, various frauds and frauds to obtain medical insurance funds have occurred frequently and repeatedly. "78-year-old man was admitted to the maternity hospital" is a public report letter. Regarding this clue, the relevant departments may also wish to "investigate the situation" to investigate, so as to let those clumsy fraud tricks nowhere to escape.

  If you commit crimes to defraud medical insurance, you need to quickly investigate and punish severely. Under the high pressure of combating fraudulent insurance and safeguarding the safety of the medical insurance fund, this maternity and gynecology hospital actually asked doctors to "seek" elderly people in the village, promised favourable conditions, attracted eight elderly people to be hospitalized, and issued a notice of critical illness "It is not only ugly to eat, but also unscrupulous.

  It is intriguing that if it were not for breaking news that netizens accidentally discovered this "secret", the matter would be hard to reveal. This inevitably makes people doubt that this hospital is not the first to deceive the insurance by means of "acquiring the elderly in hospital for convalescence". Next, the relevant departments should also make a one-to-one check.

  According to reports, on April 16, last year, Ankang City held a special meeting and decided to carry out a special governance action against fraud and fraudulent medical insurance funds throughout the city from the day to the end of November, targeting designated medical institutions, designated retail pharmacies, and insured personnel. To conduct a full-screen inspection in the manner of not greeting and plugging directly into the site, and strictly address the violations found during the random inspection review. The public can complain through the 12345 hotline.

  The occurrence of the "78-year-old man was admitted to the maternity hospital" also shows that the special anti-fraud insurance governance action still needs to be overweight, with zero blind spots and no dead ends. Insurance scammers should pay a heavy price, and the supervisory department should also strengthen supervision and improve the system to ensure that people's "life-saving money" is used well.

  □ Chen Guangjiang (staff)