Osaka's long-established Kushikatsu store Advance corona measures Prepare for business restart May 12th 17:30

In response to the fact that Osaka Prefecture is considering the gradual cancellation of requests for leave, which are being implemented as a measure against the new coronavirus, the long-established Kushikatsu store is preparing to resume business by reducing the number of seats. I will.

"Kushikatsu Daruma", which has 13 stores in Osaka prefecture, has closed all stores since the 8th of last month following the declaration of emergency.

Since Osaka Prefecture announced on the 15th that it will decide whether to cancel the request for closure or the request for shortening business hours to restaurants, some stores decided to resume business on the 16th as early as possible. .

Of these, at the Osaka Shinsegae store, which is said to be the birthplace of Kushikatsu, seven employees went to work for the first time in a month on the 12th, reducing the number of seats by 30% to 36 seats in order to avoid congestion, We installed partitions between seats and around the cash register.

On the other hand, the store also made a big decision in the history of its founding 91 years.

The characteristic of kushikatsu is that the containers with plenty of sauce are used by multiple customers, so we decided to remove them for a while, and have them put the sauce in small bottles.

It means that conventional containers will be served if customers request, but the sales staff were working on replacing the sauce with a bottle.

Eiji Yoshimura, the store manager, said, “When we reopened the store, we thought about the safety of our customers. We don't know how many people will come, but we want to create a situation where we are glad to come.” It was.