Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces during the ceremonies of May 8, 1945. - Romain GAILLAR-POOL / SIPA

A total of 1,771 confirmed cases of Covid-19 contaminations have been recorded in the French armies since the start of the epidemic, including the thousand sailors of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle and to which are added “around 5,400 probable cases "Said the Minister of Armies on Tuesday.

Hearing by the Defense Committee of the Senate, Florence Parly reported "1,771 confirmed cases within the Ministry of the Armed Forces", according to a report dated May 11. The last assessment provided on April 23 by the central director of the army health service (SSA), the doctor general Maryline Gygax Généro, reported 1,500 confirmed cases in the armies.

No figures on soldiers in external operations

Florence Parly did not, however, provide precise figures concerning the number of cases among personnel deployed in external operations (Opex). On April 24, the Chief of Staff, General François Lecointre, had mentioned to the National Assembly less than 50 cumulative cases of contamination among soldiers in Opex, including "only a few cases" among the 5,100 of the operation antikhadist Barkhane in the Sahel.

The Minister of Armies said Tuesday that the military would now be tested before their projection abroad. "We will ensure, in addition to the fortnight and taking into account the rules imposed by the destination countries, that the medical authority uses virological tests, as well as, when they are ready, serological tests", a- she promised. On their return, the soldiers will also be placed in the fortnight.

“I am delighted that the systematic screening of the fighting forces has finally been decided! It is a question of operational efficiency but also of the political credibility of our operations, ”reacted the chairman of the Senate Defense Committee, Christian Cambon, in a press release.


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