Saitama Wako Abandoned body case Multiple cuts on the upper body of the body May 11 11:35

On the 10th, a body found to be a man was found in a car parked in a parking lot in Wako City, Saitama Prefecture.There were multiple cuts on the upper half of the body, and bloody blades remained inside the car. I found out that it was done by interviewing the people involved in the investigation.

On the 10th, in a light car parked in a parking lot of an apartment in Wako City, Saitama Prefecture, a body thought to be a man was found wrapped in a cloth-like object, and police are suspected of being abandoned. I am investigating.

The light vehicle whose body was found in the investigation so far is owned by a food-related company in Tokyo, and it was known that it was parked in this parking lot for about a week before it was reported as stolen in the middle of last month. I will.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the body had multiple cuts, mainly in the upper half of the body, such as the belly, through interviews with investigators. Also, there was a bloody knife left in the car.

Police are investigating detailed causes of death and investigating suspicious individuals in the vicinity.