Fans of the National Grand Theater "Spring Online" online concerts have
  received rave reviews with more than 160 million views. What are the mysteries behind the scenes?

  Our reporter Xu Haozhe

  In the "May Day" holiday just passed, the "Spring Online" concert series of the National Grand Theater that accompanied the audience for four weeks officially ended. Since its launch on April 11, every Saturday night, the "Spring Online" series of concerts will meet music fans on network platforms such as the Classical Music Channel of the National Grand Theater and the Beijing Daily client. As of 19:00 on May 3, the series of concerts exceeded 160 million online views, of which the closing performance of "Spring Hug" on May 2 was close to 50 million views.

  In the comment area of ​​the weekly "Spring Online" concert, many netizens praised the excellent sound effects of the online concert. Many of the audience's "how to feel like they are in a concert hall across the screen" can not be separated from the young team of the National Grand Theater Orchestra in collaboration with professional teams such as recording, photography, and directing.

  "The sound effect is comparable to a concert hall", how is it recorded?

  Audiences familiar with the National Grand Theater are not difficult to find that in this "Spring Online" online concert, the four performances are not in the Grand Theater Concert Hall, but in the Petal Hall, Master Club, and the fourth floor art space. In a small place. This arrangement, in the view of Ren Xiaolong, general manager of the National Grand Theater Orchestra, is because the audience has not come to the National Grand Theater for a long time and wants to show you more "faces" of the Grand Theater.

  The ending performance of the "Spring Online" series "Spring Hug" is scheduled to be broadcast live in the petal hall on the top floor of the National Grand Theater. In order to present the audience with a 360-degree surround stereo sound effect, 16 microphones were placed in the small venue. There are two main microphones hidden in the meandering dragon-shaped lamp, which is used to receive the sound from all directions of the venue, making the sound more three-dimensional and full; All microphones are distributed to make the sound effect of different parts clearer and more penetrating.

  The online concert of "sound effect comparable to the concert hall" in the audience's mouth is actually very different from the sound of the live concert. In Ren Xiaolong's words, "the process of the band's voice being synthesized again is a new artistic creation ".

  According to Ren Xiaolong, the placement of the microphone is the first step in the creation. "When the orchestra starts rehearsing, it will be recorded on trial, and then the conductor will listen to the effect, and then modify the microphone's placement-the violin sound is on the shoulder of the musician Height, and the sound of the cello is going down, there is a new method of placement, and the problem of the reverberation of the venue, you need to place the microphone in the distance. "During the preliminary preparation process, the musicians made sound quality and recording It was commonplace for teachers to discuss until late at night.

  "Every frame is a picture", how was it taken?

  The online concert brings to the audience not only an auditory feast that shocks the soul, but also a beautiful visual enjoyment. In each "Spring Online" concert, the staff will repeatedly study and discuss the shooting pictures, and strive to show the ultimate beauty of "every frame is a picture".

  In addition to the hard work of the photographers of the National Grand Theater, the National Grand Theater also invited some "strong characters" to these footage. The remote-controlled orbit robot camera, which is remotely controlled by the staff, is called "the camera that can move itself". With excellent operating flexibility, it guarantees the smoothness and smoothness of the moving picture; and the 8-meter-long camera rocker arm greatly enhances the lens picture The diversity and depth of space, its unique long arm advantage can capture the lens that other cameras can not capture.

  In order to create a more realistic "pool seat" experience for the audience and truly achieve the ultimate enjoyment of moving the concert to the living room, the shooting team of the Grand Theater is also trying to use VR cameras to shoot the concert, introducing the 360-degree VR surround for the first time Lens. At the concert site, the VR camera is installed behind the conductor-equivalent to the seats in the first row of auditoriums, which conveys the real perspective of the concert scene to the audience in real time. From the appearance point of view, the VR camera is a sphere, which can record 360-degree images with the camera as the visual origin, which also determines that the staff in the later stage must process 5-10 times more data than ordinary video. Ren Xiaolong believes that the application of VR technology in concerts has already had very good experience products around the world. The attempt of this grand theater is still in the early stage of exploration. The characteristic is the fusion of art and technology. to make.

  "The state of the orchestra is like an exam."

  The past performances of the National Theatre Orchestra ’s musicians were not aimed at the presentation of images. This time, the “Spring Online” concert series are different, and they want to leave the best pictures to the audience. Before the official online performance, it is often necessary to practice two or three days together, and then try to record two days, the workload suddenly increased. Ren Xiaolong bluntly said that everyone keeps the state of the performance in every trial recording, "Like the student exam, from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon."

  The "Spring Online" series of concerts can be called a high-level performance created by the band in front of the stage and the director's guide team behind the scenes. The director's guide team needs to follow the music score to make a very detailed lens script. After at least two weeks of preparation, each sound and phrase, and which player the lens is given to, must do detailed homework. Ren Xiaolong said that every trial recording is a continuous communication process.

  Next, the "Sounds like Summer Flowers" series of concerts will take over, and the form will be more abundant-the Grand Theater Orchestra, Chorus, Opera Actor Team, Theater Actor Team will join Li Xincao, Zhang Guoyong and other well-known conductors on the stage. The series of concerts has a variety of selections, covering classic works from Baroque, Classicism to the 20th century and Chinese works of different styles. The audience will see the first Beethoven Symphony in the National Grand Theater since the epidemic, and the audience will see the first Beethoven Symphony in the National Grand Theater since the outbreak. "Symphony No. 1 in C major" and "Symphony No. 6 in F major". Ren Xiaolong felt that the audience could feel the profound meaning conveyed by the tracks. Although the epidemic could not be immersive, the grand theater was still complete and three-dimensional through the screen.