Wakayama Confirmation letter "I am a resident of the prefecture" on the numbered cars outside the prefecture May 8 at 12:50

Wakayama Prefecture, which is strongly calling for refraining from traveling outside the prefecture by taking measures against the new coronavirus, has begun to issue a confirmation letter indicating that it is resident in the prefecture to the local people who are using a car with a number outside the prefecture.

Wakayama Prefecture strongly calls for refraining from traveling outside the prefecture, and a local person using a car with a number outside the prefecture said, "I'm worried because I'm misunderstood as coming from outside the prefecture." Is there.

For this reason, Wakayama Prefecture has begun issuing a confirmation letter to the desired driver on the 7th, indicating that they live in the prefecture.

On the A4 size confirmation sheet, the vehicle number and "I am a resident of Wakayama Prefecture" are stated. In the prefecture, I confirm the address with a driver's license, etc. and issue it after telling me to change the license plate in the future. .

Many people visited the prefecture's seagrass promotion bureau in Wakayama City to apply, and put the confirmation received on the dashboard of the car.

According to the prefecture, about 400 people applied for the first seven days only.

A 55-year-old man in Wakayama City using a Kyoto numbered car said, "I was misunderstood as living outside the prefecture and I was worried that it would be misplaced, so it would be helpful."

Ms. Megumi Kimura, Deputy Chief of the Prefectural Policy Counseling Department, said, "I haven't heard of any actual troubles, but I want to ease my anxiety."