client Beijing, May 8 (Ren Siyu) Entering 2020, a sudden outbreak has brought new impacts and challenges to all walks of life. As far as the music industry is concerned, one of the biggest changes is that offline performances are temporarily stranded, and a large number of concerts are forced to be postponed or cancelled. At the same time, online music live broadcasts are beginning to be sought after, and the "Want to See You" special session and Liu Ruoying's "With You" special session are constantly refreshing various data.

  Recently, your music chart released the 2020Q1 Chinese Digital Music Industry Quarterly Report (hereinafter referred to as "Quarterly Report"). During these times when online performances are suspended, what are the new opportunities and challenges for online live?

Source: Liu Ruoying's video screenshot of "With You" Online Concert.

Offline music performance stranded

  In 2020, it was originally considered by the industry as the year of the outbreak of the performance industry. Liu Dehua, Li Zongsheng, Lin Junjie, Xiao Yaxuan, Jolin Tsai, Li Ronghao and many other Chinese singers will all plan to hold touring performances in this year, and overseas artists such as Billie Eilish, Avril The plan to come to China, but now, because of the unforeseen epidemic, encounter Waterloo.

  The report shows that in the first quarter of 2020, there are estimated to be 20,000 shows cancelled or postponed in the country, and the direct box office loss will be 2 billion. But for first-line artists, the user order retention rate for purchasing their concert tickets is 75%; and the overall performance user order retention rate has also reached 66%, which shows that users' demand for watching concerts is still strong.

  At present, the domestic epidemic has been well controlled, but in order to prevent recurrence, offline performances need to be cautious. With the user's demand for watching the concert so strongly, it can be foreseen that the performance market will be very crowded after the epidemic, but whether all artists will be It remains to be seen if users pay and have enough market to digest.

Source: 2020Q1 Chinese Digital Music Industry Quarterly Report

Online live keeps refreshing viewing records

  After years of accumulation, online Live technology has gradually matured. From the previous panoramic live offline concerts, to the direct opening of online specials this time, it not only expanded the scope of viewing crowds, but also filled the audience's real demand for concerts.

  The quarterly report shows that in the first TME live launched by Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Yang Chenglin attracted more than 1.5 million fans to watch the live broadcast online by virtue of the highly adhesive music fan group and many golden songs; Powerful singing also attracted 6 million viewers.

  And Liu Ruoying's "Online Concert with You" set a new industry record. On the day of April 17th, the number of fans on the artist's Weibo increased by 240,000. As of April 19th, the overall number of songs played by the song increased by 48.7 compared with April 1st. % Has become a prominent representative of domestic online music live broadcast.

  For this hugely influential online music performance, executive director Zhong Qiquan said in an interview, "The difference between this performance and the offline concert is that we want to present the live recording of Live Recording. Live broadcast There is no audience on the scene, whether it is Liu Ruoying or the team, the tension is multiplied when facing this performance. "

Source: 2020Q1 Chinese Digital Music Industry Quarterly Report

Can online live replace offline concerts?

  Although the epidemic seems to bring new opportunities for "online live"-the market demand for offline content urgently needs support, online performing arts is forced to enter a new window period, various cultural and entertainment companies have made strategic adjustments, and market users have expressed a loud voice. But how to open up the online and offline scenes, find the sustainability of online performing arts on both the supply and demand sides, and precipitate an effective business model will be the challenge for "online live" in the future.

Source: Liu Ruoying's video screenshot of "With You" Online Concert.

  Admittedly, under the existing technical conditions, online live may be difficult to completely replace offline concerts, but due to its less restrictions on user time, viewing scenes, etc., and the form is more flexible, it is foreseeable that in the future, online The live meeting is a good extension and supplement of offline concerts, and the commercial value is also worth looking forward to.

  At the same time, the form of online live is a new attempt for platforms and artists in a certain sense. Perhaps at this stage, the performance of artists on the line will be a bit rusty, but I believe that with the accumulation of experience over time, the stage presents It will definitely get better.

  In this regard, Sika, the head of TME live, said that online live needs continuous output of quality content to be more valuable: "We insist that every performance will be a concert-level live, rather than the current rise in the market. , Live streaming that is rushing. "

  Shen Yue, vice president of Modern Sky, also frankly stated: "At present, the most important thing is to create creative online projects based on the characteristics of their own content and the needs of users on each platform. They are eager to change the offline content in a simple way to express Certainly wrong. "(End)