The Lorient (Morbihan) police station, where a mother has filed a rape complaint against the father of their daughter. - C. Allain / 20 Minutes

  • A mother refused to hand over her child to her ex-partner in the context of alternate custody.
  • After a complaint was dismissed in the fall, the mother filed a rape complaint against her ex. Her six and a half year old daughter expressed her pain.
  • Threatened with losing custody, the mother finally won. The prosecution has ordered that the little girl stay with her mother for the time of the investigation which has just started.

"I will not hand my daughter over to her rapist. I take my responsibilities ”. The words are deliberately harsh, the anger is cold. Manon (the first name has been changed) is angry. Last week, she was summoned by the gendarmerie as part of a parental abduction investigation. Her ex-spouse filed a complaint against her for non-representation of a child and went to court to have their six-and-a-half-year-old daughter returned to her as part of alternate custody. Since their separation, Manon has always done it, or almost. But this time, she refuses. Because on April 17, she filed a complaint at the Lorient (Morbihan) police station against her ex, whom she suspects of having raped their daughter. "I was threatened with losing custody if I did not surrender it on Monday. All I ask is that my child be protected, ”says Manon.

Monday, the prosecutor's office of Lorient ordered that the child be entrusted to him, the time of the investigation. A relief for this mother. For more than six months, she said she had seen her daughter's behavior change. More distant, colder, sometimes violent, her little one is no longer the one she knew. Manon does not explain it, until revelations made by his daughter during an intimate grooming, where the child evokes the gestures of his father. "She didn't want to go to her father's house anymore, it made her sick," says her mother. Manon complains and decides to keep the child for several weeks before being forced to resume alternate custody in December. “I was in shock. I didn't want to overinterpret what she had told me. But she repeated it to the psychologist and the gendarmes. And that explained the change in behavior. ”

"She was afraid to go to her father's house"

In February, the little girl speaks again at a philosophy workshop for children. "She explained to people she didn't know that she was afraid to go to her father's house." The father's social investigation and psychological expertise should have made it easier to see. However, nothing was done and the complaint was dismissed.

At the end of March, her daughter will however verbalize new evils, explains her mother, suggesting that her father would have raped her. Her mother immediately complained and decided not to hand her daughter over to her father. "We were both suspected of having coronavirus. The doctor attested to this. ” In a cold anger, the father shows up at his home and threatens the mother, tries to enter the house. "My daughter is afraid he will come and get her."

"The facts, he disputes them from the start"

When contacted, the father's lawyer mentioned “unfounded reasons”. "The facts, he disputed them from the start," insists Me Coralie Capitaine. The lawyer accuses the mother of "setting up a scheme". "It will backfire," says the lawyer, who describes her client as "very affected" by the situation. "He just wants to see his daughter and he's been deprived of her for six weeks," says his counsel.

Monday, the prosecution has ruled and allowed the mother to keep her daughter with her. A relief for the lawyer of Manon, who questions however the slowness of the investigation. “The confinement They had passed ten days since the revelations of the child and nothing had been done. However, we have elements to dig into, things that question, "says Anne-Claire Lejeune.

The lawyer also questions the setting in which the child was heard in the fall after the first complaint. "She doesn't speak much. And when she was heard, it was in the hospital where her father works. ” Monday, the Lorient prosecution ordered the opening of an investigation following the complaint filed by Manon. The latter also saw the charges against her lifted.


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