Suspicion of possessing cannabis Arrested rapper Cigarette stomping Did you try to destroy evidence May 7 12:14

The rapper, who was arrested for possessing cannabis, was found to have stomped one cigarette from his cigarette case when he received a job question from a police officer, and the Metropolitan Police Department detected the cannabis ingredient in the cigarette. I'm investigating it as if I tried to hide the evidence. It means denying the charges against the investigation.

Kanahiko Kawakami (41), a popular rapper who works under the name "Kana aka GAMI", said he had marijuana on the streets of Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo on the 2nd of this month, and violates the Cannabis Control Law. Was arrested on suspicion of.

As Kawakami was walking around looking around, when a police officer suspiciously asked a job question, he told him that he had stomped one cigarette-like cigarette from his cigarette case and stomped it with his foot. I understood from the interview.

After that, cannabis components were detected in this tobacco.

Kawakami is also appearing on a commercial TV program that competes for rap technology, and the Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the route to obtain cannabis.

In response to the investigation, he denies the charges, saying, "I don't remember."