On May 5th, the top ten new archaeological discoveries in the country were announced in 2019, namely: Shaanxi Nanzhen sclerosis cave Paleolithic cave ruins, Heilongjiang Raohe Xiaonanshan ruins, Shaanxi Shenmu Shimao ruins Huangchengtai, Henan Huaiyang Pingliang The site of Taicheng, the ruins of Xiwubi in Jiangxian County, Shanxi, the ruins of the jade mine in Dunhuang, Gansu, the cemetery of the nobles in Zengshu, Hubei, Suizhou, Zengguo, the ruins of Shichengzi, Qitai, Xinjiang, the mural tombs of the Tibetan period in Wulanquangou, Qinghai "Song Shipwreck Underwater Archaeological Excavation Project in Southern Song Dynasty". The picture shows the fragments of human teeth and skulls unearthed from the Paleolithic cave ruins of the scabies cave in Nanzheng, Shaanxi (photograph of the puzzle material). Xinhua News Agency issued a picture for China Cultural Relics News Source: Xinhua Net

Release time: 2020-05-06 07:56:56 [Editor: Li Jun]