Moncloa intends to make the state of alarm a plebiscite. From the exception, a new legislative normality. He did not want to take advantage of the extraordinary powers that the opposition granted him to try a not rhetorical but real co-governance. Autonomous presidents -from Feijóo to Urkullu, passing through Lambán- mayors and representatives of the employers and the self-employed have been denouncing for weeks that they learn on television of the measures adopted. And only when these measures crash against reality - as happened with the lack of confinement of children or with the reopening of bars at 30% of their capacity - a rectification as unilateral as its first version is announced. Sánchez's investiture partners abandon him in response to the presidential ninguneo, which entrusts everything to the cheating and authoritarian dilemma between him or the chaos. The last object of such blackmail , contrary to any willingness to agree or a gesture of gratitude towards the person who has supported him when the separatist ally has fled, is Casado, whom members of the Executive are already threatening to charge him with a hypothetical outbreak of deaths and infections if it does not fold once again to the design of Moncloa.

The alarm must be burned in a good democrat's hands . Snatching fundamental rights from citizens should be an ephemeral resource of force majeure and not an occasion to lose yourself in autocratic experiments from which to gain time and carry out your ideological agenda. Many prestigious jurists are raising their voices against a de facto situation that, in their opinion, goes far beyond the state of alarm and enters the state of emergency. Sánchez also intends it to last four months. But it will not last even 15 more days if you do not change your attitude and reach an honest agreement with the PP . Threatening to leave the temporary unemployed unattended or presuming to submit the extension of the state of alarm to debate and vote in Congress - as if it were not a constitutional demand - are caudillo propaganda maneuvers that cause embarrassment.

Neither virtue nor necessity seem capable of getting Sánchez to abandon his unilateralism and agree to draw up a shared program with the constitutionalist forces, the only ones that care about the preservation of Spain in 1978 and the only ones that are presentable in Europe when it is time to negotiate conditional funds.

As much as Moncloa denies it, there are alternative mechanisms to the state of alarm to manage the lack of confinement without leading the Spanish to the deepest and longest-standing restriction of rights in Europe after Hungary. Whether or not this extension is approved, the pact between the two major parties is the only way to face both the final stretch of the health crisis and the brutal recession that is already here.

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