China News Service, Guangzhou, May 5 (Jiamin Jieyue Road Construction) Humen Bridge experienced abnormal jitter. Guangdong Humen Bridge Company issued a notice on the 5th that the Humen Bridge was greatly affected by the wind speed of the main bridge and caused vortex vibration. To ensure the safety of passengers and passengers and bridge structures, from 15:20 on the 5th, Humen Bridge will be fully closed traffic control.

  Guangdong Transportation Group said that it has organized maintenance technicians to inspect the bridge body and experts to judge. According to preliminary understanding, the main structure of the bridge has not been damaged, and the specific reason is under investigation.

  The Humen Bridge Company stated that on that day, the suspension of the Humen Bridge suspension bridge deck was relatively large, and the amplitude was relatively obvious, which caused discomfort to the traffic. In order to ensure the safety of traffic, Guangzhou and Dongguan traffic police have adopted traffic control measures to completely close the two-way traffic of the suspension bridge.

  Starting from 15:20, Humen Bridge Co., Ltd.'s joint traffic police implemented full-closed traffic control on the main line, Taiping Interchange Station and other entrances; and remotely shunted relevant sections of the Guangzhou (Shenzhen) Shenzhen (Zhenjiang) Expressway along the Yangtze River and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway.

  At 16:06, the Humen Bridge Company launched the first-level response of the "Humen Regional Cross-river Bridge Emergency Protection Smoothing Interaction Plan". The entrances of Taiping Interchange, Weiyuan A Station, and Nansha B Station were all closed traffic control, and vehicle diversion was implemented.

  Professionals from Humen Bridge introduced that it is normal for bridges to sway in special wind conditions. Generally, the swaying of the bridge deck is relatively large. In order to ensure the safety of passengers and passengers, the traffic police has closed the Humen Bridge in both directions. Please don't panic, the public will release relevant information based on the test results. (Finish)