New Zealand director, Academy Award winner Taika Waititi (Jojo's Rabbit, Tor: Ragnarok) will make a new feature film as part of the Star Wars franchise. He will also be one of the authors of the script for the picture. Together with him, the development of history will Christie Wilson-Cairns ("1917", "Scary Tales").

Previously, the director had already worked on another franchise project - he shot one episode of the Mandalorets series, the first season of which was shown in November and December 2019 on the Disney + streaming service. After that, rumors began to appear on the network that Waititi would be engaged in the full-length film Star Wars, but the director did not confirm the information, and gave evasive answers to all questions.

“I will say this: I myself would like to have something to tell here. Are there negotiations on a new movie about the Star Wars universe? Yes, I discussed with my friends in 1996 how cool Star Wars was. Journalists repel from this. I think that people, noticing me in a society of various people, especially those associated with Star Wars, conclude that I am conducting some important negotiations on this subject. Yes, I would love to! I would take on any film - if only it made sense and didn’t seem like a sure way to ruin my career, ”Variety quoted the director as saying.

On Star Wars Day, which saga fans celebrate May 4, Lucasfilm confirmed the rumors. 

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No details related to the plot and production of the upcoming picture are still unknown. Also, the release date is not reported. Last year, Disney announced plans to release a new Star Wars trilogy, which will be released in 2022, 2024, and 2026. However, Ryan Johnson (Get the Knives) is already working on this series of paintings. Variety does not rule out that the Waititi film will be a separate project, shot as part of a franchise.

The Screen Rant portal also emphasizes that Taiki Waititi’s participation in the trilogy is unlikely, since the director is currently busy with four projects at once. He is preparing for the filming of the film “Thor: Love and Thunder”, the release of which is scheduled for early 2022. In addition, Vaitichi has two more feature films in his work - Akira and Next Goal - Winning, as well as the series Bandits in Time.

In addition to the feature film, Disney has confirmed rumors about yet another space epic project - a new series that has no name yet. According to Variety, the events in this multi-part film will not unfold at the same time as shown in other projects, and the characters in the center of the plot will be female characters.

The screenwriter, executive producer and showrunner of the tape will be Leslie Hadland, who worked on the TV series Almost Family and Matryoshka Life. The premiere date of the project is also not announced, but it is already known that it will be released on the Disney + service.

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Star Wars is one of the highest grossing movie franchises in history. In February 2020, her total revenue was estimated at $ 70 billion.

The franchise’s first film, Episode IV: A New Hope, was released in 1977. With a budget of $ 11 million, he raised more than $ 775 million and received cult status. In addition, the picture claimed an Oscar in 11 categories and received seven figurines: for the best scenery, costumes, original soundtrack, editing, sound, visual effects, as well as for special achievements in the field of sound effects.

Currently, the cinematic cycle of the George Lucas saga “Star Wars” includes 11 feature films - three main trilogies, two spin-offs (“Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories”, “Han Solo. Star Wars: Stories”) and one animated film (Star Wars: The Clone Wars). Also, as part of the franchise, a number of full-length television films and series and the series “Mandaloretz” for Disney + were shot.

In addition to the second season of The Mandalore, Disney has at least three feature films and two series. In the center of the plot of the first multi-series project is one of the main characters in the full-length films of Obi-Wan Kenobi performed by Ewan McGregor. The second series in the universe tells about the adventures of the captain of the Rebel Alliance Cassian Andor. The main role will be played by Diego Luna. He embodied the character's image in a spin-off (“Rogue One. Star Wars: Stories”).