The damage that the new Corona virus causes to the economic sector in general is not easy, but rather significant and significant, and more than that it is comprehensive, because its negative effects have involved everyone, all sectors without exception, they are interrelated and interrelated.

There is no doubt that small and medium enterprises, small investors and young entrepreneurs are the most agonized during this period, their ability to withstand is weak, and cannot tolerate a long time, and the stopping of income from them simply means a complete collapse of their projects, unless they find the appropriate support, and at the right time .

It is not a condition that the support be financial, it is not the only way to save this segment, and certainly it is important in such a circumstance, but it is also difficult to obtain, because the negative effects of the Corona virus are facing everyone, including the supporters, and therefore it is necessary to find better ways to help these people, including Rental exemptions, fee exemptions, and facilities of all kinds, because they really need this.

Everyone should apply the noble principle and slogan, which was raised and announced by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him, the slogan “Everybody today is responsible for everyone.” According to this slogan, there must be mutual support, solidarity, and cooperation between all, government agencies, banks, and the sector. Private, real estate owners, and investors, to mitigate the entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium enterprises, and tenants everywhere, and the first decisions to mitigate the decision to exempt from the collection of rents for a period of three months at least, renewable according to the conditions of the spread of the virus!

Exemption, not delay, because postponing commercial installments or lease payments, for three months, is not a solution, and it cannot help entrepreneurs or small investors in their difficult financial problem, and in their current complicated circumstances, it is just a deportation of the problem, and postponing it for a simple period of time, after which it returns in a form It is bigger, grows more, and complicates more and more, so the current deficit becomes multiplied by three times, after three months, simply because most of the work is still pending, and whoever returns to the activity will return with a capacity not exceeding 30%, which undoubtedly will not succeed in compensating Any losses, or payment of arrears for three months, added to me A new rents for another three months!

The facilities that many entities, and many semi-governmental or private institutions, declare as facilities for small investors, never exceeding postponing installments and dues, and this in itself cannot be considered a facility, but rather postponing another more painful blow that small investors, and tenants of real estate will receive with the aim of Investing in a short period of time, and with the beginning of next September, when the best optimists do not expect the economy to improve and exceed its negative state left by the Corona virus, within three or six months!

Exemption is the best way to support small and medium-sized companies, as well as to support entrepreneurs, and it is the logical procedure. How can rents be obtained from discontinued projects, and what is the point of postponing these rents, if the main reasons for default are still present?

Unfortunately, there are still entities, semi-governmental companies, real estate companies, and others, that are determined to collect the rents, or the payments and installments due on small investors or entrepreneurs, and thus contribute to their collapse, rather than alleviating them, at a time when these pioneers need And small investors, and owners of small companies, to support and facilitation, they are already the most affected, and they are the weakest link in this suffocating crisis!

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