China Weather News Today (4th), there are still rains appearing in Beijing. Along with the overcast rain, the temperature will drop significantly and the body will feel slightly cool. The public needs to bring rain gear. It is expected that the sunny weather in Beijing will strike again tomorrow, the highest temperature can reach 27 ℃, the temperature fluctuates greatly, you should pay attention to adjust the dress in time, beware of colds.

  The monitoring showed that a rain came to Beijing yesterday, but the rain was not dominated by light rain. The largest rain occurred at Fangshan Baicao, and the rainfall reached 24.6 mm from 18:00 last night to 08:00 this morning.

This morning, the sky in Beijing was gloomy and there was rain in some areas. (Picture / Jiang Yi)

  According to the forecast of the Beijing Meteorological Observatory at 06:00 this morning, the rainfall in southern Beijing will continue during the day, but the magnitude is not large, mainly light rain. In other areas, it is cloudy and the city is accompanied by overcast rain. The maximum temperature is only 22 ℃. Compared with the previous two days, it is much cooler, and you need to add an extra piece of clothing to keep you warm when you go out; the humidity increases at night, the visibility in Beijing decreases, and there are light fog in most areas and fog in the south.

  It is expected that in the next two days tomorrow, Beijing will be “online” again, and the temperature will also rebound rapidly. The maximum temperature is around 27 ℃, but the minimum temperature is still around 10 ℃.

  Meteorological experts reminded that today the weather in Beijing is mainly cloudy and rainy, and the temperature is obviously declining. With the rain and rain, the body feels much cooler. The public needs to bring good rain gear, pay attention to adjust the wear in time, beware of the cold; In addition, Beijing has low visibility tonight, travel should pay attention Traffic safety.