Extension of Emergency Situation Nursing care site “Management will become even more difficult” May 4 17:53

In response to the decision to extend the declaration of an emergency, caregivers are increasingly worried about voluntary suspension of work and voluntary restraint of use.

Day service site "major blow"

Tomomi Sato, the administrator of “Day Service Hakusui no Sato” in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, said that after the declaration of an emergency, 30% of the users refrained from using the service and their income decreased. I thought that it would be possible to suppress the decrease in income depending on my efforts until the 6th, but it would be a big hit if it extended further. As personnel expenses and other expenditures will remain unchanged, we will be in the red and will be in a very tough business year over year. "

In addition, "If there is no financial support to the nursing care service establishment, such as subsidizing for the decrease in income, some establishments will withdraw, and elderly people will not be able to receive services, family burden will be burdened. There is a risk of wrinkles, such as an increase in wrinkles. "

Visiting care site "screaming"

In the field of home-visit nursing care, which is playing an increasing role as an alternative service in the midst of the increase in voluntary leave at day care services such as day services, an emergency situation occurs when the helpers and the office do not support the country sufficiently. There is concern about the extension of the declaration.

In March this year, Misato Kojima, a representative of the NPO "Living Net En" in Saitama, who submitted a request for improvement to the country, said, "While demand for home-visit care is increasing, we will visit to prevent infection. There are also some business establishments that have no choice but to reduce the number of services, such as reducing the number of times. Since there are many small business establishments that operate with marginal income, there is a scream at the site. "

In addition, “I am wondering if I can conclude it very quickly because I am doing home-visit nursing care without being able to secure sufficient protective clothing and masks. The shortage of helpers who had a severe spread of the new coronavirus infection I am very worried that if the state continues to lack support from the country, the collapse of home care will accelerate, "he said.

Expert “From summer, there is a risk of business closures and frequent bankruptcies”

Associate professor Tatsuaki Takano of Toyo University, who is familiar with the care of the elderly, said, "In order to protect the health of the elderly while the infection has not subsided, extending the emergency declaration is a reasonable decision. It is expected that the number of days off and other services that are taking place, and the reduction of services at nursing care facilities, will continue to expand, which may cause deterioration of mental and physical functions of the elderly and various symptoms of dementia. Will be done. "

In addition, recently, infections in elderly people's facilities have expanded, and some facilities have abandoned the acceptance of new residents, and said, "Not only outpatient and home-visit care service providers, but also nursing homes for the elderly. There is a risk that the problem of the management crisis will spread to the operators of such institutional facilities. ”

Furthermore, “In the field of nursing care, due to the rules of payment of nursing care fees, etc., the damage to management due to the decrease in income from March to April has not yet surfaced, so the government has realized a management crisis. I don't think this is a general problem. There is a possibility that the nursing care service business offices will be closed and bankruptcies around the summer when the impact will surface, so it is necessary to take proactive measures to take support measures. "