Throughout the holy month, the stars of drama in the Arab world compete not only in providing the most important artistic roles, but also in the stakes of difference and diversity in attracting fans of the silver screen and drama lovers every year, at a time when domestic isolation was imposed, due to the spread of the Corona virus. The new, for the first time, exceptional follow-up circumstances, will direct attention and demand towards Arab drama in particular, to multiply the views of all the competing works this year, which we stand today on its most prominent features, and its most unique and personal artistic characters.

Away from the artistic names for which she made a luminous history in the world of Gulf drama, a new and young artistic talent in the world of acting is emerging today, which is the talent of the theatrical artist, Kuwaiti actress and singer Alaa Al Hindi, who starred in her remarkable role in the series "Umm Haroun", stormed for the first time The TV drama square through the portal of the new Ramadan series, in which you stand ably, in front of the lady of the Gulf screen and a constellation of the most important and most important stars of the Arabian Gulf, made of "Zenobah", a central dramatic figure by all standards, whose importance and function are not important in stirring events and in the narrative plot, From the rest of the characters a Essential to the new Ramadan work, after this ascending “talent” that makes its way steadily and wisely persuaded us and surprised us, often with incomparable ability and mastery, to hold and control its tools, and then color its psychological convulsions and expressions on the screen, through a complex personality, which appears at first glance Easy and simple, and she is the figure of the orphan girl, who is mentally retarded, who was betrayed by life and threw it in the Freej, some did not have mercy on her and met her with all kinds of insults that were harshly the title of "dumbbell", while the rest opened her doors to their homes and hearts, and treated her compassionately and compassionately after the death of her parents Known after the mystery of the death of her mother's terrible, who insists «or Aaron» to keep him in silence, until you like coincidences in the way of a young JI mute Ttosm in which «Znobh» shall have a good help and a bond in life.

«Special Character»

Despite the kindness and naivety of the apparent personality of “Zenobah” for everyone, to which it attracted the sympathy of most of the people around it in Al-Fareej, it is, in contrast, wicked and evil. Cruel traps among the people. And to achieve her goals, there is nothing wrong with her eavesdropping on the doors to find out what is hidden from the people, nor in following the women of the Freej wherever they go, nor even in bringing the police and controlling criminals and arresting the violators, as she has no objection to taking money and extorting around her to divulge a secret or verify Who commanded or accomplished the most difficult and dirtiest tasks.

In all these missions, Alaa Al-Hindi has been able to persuade us, draw our attention, and even gain our sympathy, thanks to the clear effort that her first dramatic appearance in "Umm Haroun", after a long experience in the stage, in which the Indian laminated, before deciding to take a step. Drama and the presentation of a new "character" in which the Kuwaiti actress devoted all her theatrical experience and academic information (graduate of dramatic arts), and even the layers of her voice that rise up, fear, and tremble for fear and disorganization according to the requirements of the situation and the dramatic situation that embodies it, once through lip movements and palate in remembering events and divulging secrets, and once Across the hand movement to the head in Respond to the accusations of the people Fareej lying or insanity.

At a time when this new talent succeeded with clear ingenuity in drawing strange movements specific to her hands, and cute eye gazes accompanied by luminous facial expressions, shining in the meaning, without the need to speak, to be by the end of the first third of the series, one of the most prominent and important central characters influencing the work, including It was formed by a special experience that expresses the birth of a unique talent for success and stardom.

Between singing and acting

After the graduation at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art, and the opportunity for her in 2014 to participate in several theatrical works, including "the return of the recruiting, the text of the night, it was my companion", the record of Alaa Al-Hindi is full of distinguished artistic participation, both in terms of acting or singing. .

In 2015, the Indian participated for the first time in comedies such as the series “Banat Al-Rawda” alongside Souad Ali and Ilham Al-Fadala and Haya Al-Shuaibi, and I followed him in the following year in the series “To his first money”, and with a comedy program called “Snapat”, while she had In 2017, the opportunity to participate in the operetta in the Opening Ceremony of the 23rd edition of the Arab Gulf Cup titled “Our Bay forever” alongside Abdul Karim Abdul Qadir, Nabil Shuail, Bashar Al-Shatti, Muhammad Al-Masbah, Ahmed Al-Huraibi, Mohammed Al-Balushi, Hamad Al-Qattan and Mutref Al-Mutref, and also participated in 2018 in the comedy series Al-Batran », before it was allowed in Ramadan 2020 to perform its role The first in a series of dramatic «or Aaron» as well as the lives of cheetah, and the elite of the stars of the drama in the Arabian Gulf.

• It finds its way steadily and wisely, and by persuading and surprising us, often with unparalleled ability and mastery.