"Declaration extension" The local government is also considering the extension of leave requests in part to consider individual response 20:15 on May 4

It is the reaction of each municipality that it has been decided that the emergency declaration will be extended until the 31st of this month.

Saitama officially decided to continue going out and requesting leave

Saitama Prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting, and Governor Ohno said, "In Saitama Prefecture, the number of new positive patients is decreasing and the number of cases with unknown infection routes is decreasing, but it is too early to judge whether this trend will continue." It was.

On top of that, it is important to take action such as shifting the peak of the infection to the back by controlling the behavior, and officially decided on a policy to continue refraining from unnecessary and urgent going out and requesting business leave from 7th month onward. It was

The request for leave will remain the same as before, and may be reviewed depending on the situation.

At the meeting after the meeting, Governor Ohno said, "There is no extension measure at this time. Your cooperation is the greatest weapon to prevent the spread of the infection, and I would like to ask for your continued cooperation." I sought understanding for continuing the request.

Hot spring inns and hotels for holidays in Hyogo will be canceled on May 7th

Hyogo Prefecture has decided to continue requesting leave from recreational facilities until May 31st. On the other hand, on May 7, we decided to cancel the request for holidays to hot spring inns and hotels, which had been issued as a measure during holidays for the purpose of vacation.

Hyogo Prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting on the evening of the 4th, and given that it was designated as a "precautionary prefecture", it requested a holiday request for recreation facilities, exercise facilities, schools, etc. where many people gathered on May 31st. I decided to continue until.

In addition, for restaurants including izakaya, we will request that business hours be from 5 am to 8 pm, and that liquor be served until 7 pm, as before.

On the other hand, we decided to cancel on May 7 the request for holidays to hot spring inns and hotels for the purpose of holidays, which was issued from April 29 as a measure during long holidays.

At the press conference, Governor Ido of Hyogo Prefecture called for "I would like the citizens and businesses to continue to refrain from going out until May 31, and refrain from moving beyond the prefectures."

Fukuoka decides to extend leave request School considers “distributed school”

Fukuoka Prefecture held a countermeasures headquarters meeting on the night of the 4th, and the government is asking the 13 “specified vigilance prefectures” such as Fukuoka and Tokyo to restrict their actions as before, until May 31st. I decided to request the citizens to refrain from going out except when it is necessary to maintain my life, such as going to a medical institution, shopping for food, and going to work.

Also, we decided to basically extend the period of request for suspension from April 14th to recreational facilities, schools, exercise facilities, and commercial facilities in Fukuoka Prefecture until May 31st.

In addition, in order to support those who have lost their jobs due to refraining from going out or requesting leave, they will work to create new short-term jobs for 7,000 people. It is assumed that the working period will be about 3 months from May to July, and the occupations will include nursing assistance at nursing facilities, online learning support at schools, and clerical assistance at medical institutions.

On the other hand, On the school closures of schools, from the influence of the learning by prolonged is a concern, the prospect of two weeks after the May 7 days of the extension period the first day of the declaration, school days and school time for each grade by and class We want to start "distributed school attendance" that shifts the number of people, and it is a policy to judge whether it can be implemented based on the infection situation and the opinions of experts in each of the four regions of the prefecture.

Aichi leave request Until 31st, requests for shortening of restaurants etc.

Aichi Prefecture has decided to extend the period of leave request for facilities where many people gather to 31st of this month.

In response to the government's decision to extend the emergency declaration, Aichi Prefecture held a meeting of the prefecture's task force based on the Act on Special Measures against New Coronavirus on the night of the 4th.

Governor Omura said, "We apologize for the inconvenience to the citizens of the prefecture, but we ask for your understanding in extending the prefecture's emergency declaration and emergency measures until May 31st."

On top of that, I would like to continue to be tense and keep refraining from going out and moving. I want to overcome this infectious disease with "All Aichi", protect the lives and health of the citizens of the prefecture, and firmly protect social and economic activities. " I said.

At the meeting, we decided to extend the period of leave request from 17th of last month to 31st of this month for facilities where many people gather.

Requests for shortening business hours at restaurants etc. will also be extended until 31st of this month.

Kyoto plans to show concrete measures in preparation for a long-term continuation of leave requests

Governor Nishiwaki of Kyoto Prefecture told reporters, "With the cooperation of the people of the prefecture, the explosive spread of infection has been avoided in Kyoto at the moment, but the number of infected people is continuing, and the government cannot extend it. I think that the judgment of "is appropriate."

After that, he said, "Kyoto is designated as a specific warning prefecture, and it may be difficult to make a drastic change to the leave request immediately." He basically indicated that he would continue to take leave for recreation facilities and request for shortening business hours from restaurants such as taverns.

In addition, Governor Nishiwaki decided to hold a prefectural task force meeting on the 5th to consider the response, and said, "We have received a great deal of cooperation from the citizens of the prefecture. Is not understood, "he said, clarifying his intention to show concrete measures in preparation for the long term.

Niigata: To request a review of industry / prefectural school reopening policy

Governor Hanakuno of Niigata Prefecture, who is not included in the “specific warning prefectures”, told NHK that he would consider the range of industries that would like to continue to request leave and announce the policy on the 5th. .

Among them, Governor Hanakudo stated, "I would like to consolidate by consulting the opinions of experts regarding how we can change what we are requesting from the citizens of the prefecture and businesses with the extension of the emergency declaration," and continue the holidays. I showed the idea to start the examination of the range of industries requesting for and the policy of reopening classes at prefectural schools including prefectural high schools.

He said, "I would like to move forward as soon as possible so that I can tell the citizens of the prefecture," and he said that he would announce the prefecture's policy on the 5th.

On the other hand, executives in Niigata Prefecture said that one option is not to suddenly relax the restrictions, but to continue the current leave request, etc. for a while to determine the situation, and carefully consider how to deal with it. It seems that.