Beijing News (Reporter Zhang Xiting) In the Xuzhou District of Yibin City, on the side of the Jinsha River Super Large Bridge on the G85 Yinkun Expressway, the affiliated sewage runoff collection pipe fell off continuously. On May 3, a reporter from the Beijing News learned from the duty room of the Yibin City Government and the duty room of the Syrian District Government that the accident caused some roads to be blocked and five private houses to be damaged, with no casualties. At present, the investigation of accidents and the rectification of hazards are being carried out.

  Mr. Zhou, a shopkeeper near the bridge, told the Beijing News reporter that on the evening of May 2, he suddenly heard a huge continuous sound. Subsequently, Mr. Zhou saw that the pipeline on the side of the viaduct fell section by section, "all the way down to the other side of the river."

  Video provided by local citizens showed that the metal pipe on the side of the bridge continuously fell across the river, hitting the ground and making a loud noise. When falling into the water, several meters of water splashed and pedestrians under the bridge ran out to avoid danger.

  The Beijing News reporter learned from the duty room of the Syrian District Government and the Yibin City Government that the accident caused some traffic obstruction and the damage of five private houses. The aftermath work is being dealt with, and the reason is for further investigation. The staff of the duty room of the Syrian District Government said that the length of the collapsed sewage runoff collection pipe was about 2,000 meters, causing some road traffic obstruction and damage to residential houses. At present, the headquarters led by the Syrian District Government has been established, and multiple departments have carried out clean-up and disposal on the spot. The staff has inspected the damaged houses on the spot, and the relevant situation is being processed.

  The Information Office of the Government of Xuzhou District, Yibin City issued a "Note on the collapse of the Jinsha River Super Large Bridge Runoff Sewage Pipeline" on May 2 stating that the incidental sewer runoff collection pipeline on the Jinsha River Super Large Bridge deck of the G85 Yinkun Expressway fell off. The incident As a result, Jiangxia Road in Baixi Street and Maxiao Road in Zhaochang Street in Xuzhou District were cut off, and the Jinsha River was closed.

  After preliminary investigation, there were no casualties and the bridge structure of G85 Yinkun Expressway Jinsha River Bridge was safe. After the incident, Song Qingwu, member of the Standing Committee of the Syrian District Party Committee and executive deputy district governor, and Yuan Feng, deputy district governor, led the district emergency, public security, firefighting, transportation, maritime, Baixi Street, Zhaochang Street, and the first five teams of the Sichuan High Speed ​​Traffic Enforcement , Sichuan Expressway Public Security Third Branch and the Fourth Brigade, Sichuan Sichuan High-Level Highway Development Co., Ltd. and other departments are doing their best to carry out the work of evacuation and rehabilitation. At present, the scene is effectively controlled.