Install the locator "chasing the stars"

  Fu Biao

  On the evening of May 2nd, Lehua Entertainment issued a statement on Weibo to rebuke the act of installing a tracking locator on the artist's itinerary. Said that such violations have seriously violated the privacy rights of artists, and has now obtained evidence in accordance with the law and will actively take legal measures to pursue their legal responsibilities according to law. The statement also stated that Wang Yibo's TV series had already been put into a tense work schedule after the killing, and called on everyone to "sense the stars rationally and pay attention to safety".

  For stars, there are two types of fans, one is normal fans and the other is illegitimate meals. The illegitimate meal chaos has a long history. It first originated in the most popular period of ballet in the 19th century, and later developed in South Korea where the Hallyu culture is prevalent. Some fans, fans, and star chasers who act excessively invade the private life of the stars through various means. In our country, as many stars have publicly condemned the acts of illegitimate meals, this group is also well known to the public. The specific activities of illegitimate meals include, but are not limited to, tracking, voyeurizing, following the private activities of star artists, squatting in the hotel, filming with the camera, and following the chartered car.

  Many celebrities in the entertainment industry have encountered harassment of illegitimate meals. For example, the three actors who became popular last year due to the episodes "Chen Qingling" and "Dear, Dear"-Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, and Li Xian, have been harassed by illegitimate meals to varying degrees in recent months . In September last year, Li Xian was unbearably tortured by illegitimate fans for a long time, and issued a document calling on fans to chase the stars rationally ... I have to say that these behaviors have exceeded the normal scope of star chasing.

  Many people believe that while celebrities gain fame and wealth, they naturally pay a price for personal privacy. Although many celebrities do not mind that the public knows part of their privacy. However, it should be pointed out that illegitimate meals are not "meals" but "criminals". They are a bottomless peek into the privacy of celebrities, and even sell their privacy to scalpers for their own personal gain. This behavior itself violates the law. China ’s “General Principles of Civil Law”, “Torture of Tort Liability”, “Law of Public Security Management and Punishment” and “Criminal Law” and other laws and regulations have relatively complete protection of privacy rights including celebrities. For excessive pursuit of stars, not only should they bear the corresponding civil liability, but they may also face criminal penalties such as detention and fixed-term imprisonment if they cause serious consequences.

  In reality, for various complex purposes and considerations, there are very few celebrities and illegitimate fans in the court, perhaps just because of their "tolerance", making the act of illegitimate meals more and more rampant. If the stars really want to protect their rights, they must resolutely say no to this bad behavior. The best way is to report to the police in time or to the court. Regarding illegitimate meals, the relevant departments should also actively intervene to guide fans from the legal level to respect the rules and pursue the stars rationally.