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For a long time, Demi Lovato tried to maintain good relations with her exes. But as she explained to Jameela Jamil for her podcast I Weight , she ultimately thinks that this attitude is as unrealistic as it is unhealthy.

“I had a bit of a mentality that if I had a negative experience with someone, I always needed to mend things. The point is, I'm not really friends with my exes today, because I realized it wasn't healthy. Trying to maintain a close friendship with some of my exes is just unrealistic. There is a reason if people don't do it, ”said the Sober interpreter.

Toxic people

Also Demi Lovato understood that her need to keep her exes with her came from a deeper problem that she knew how to solve. “Now I am fully capable of letting people go. And I understood another thing when it came to removing toxic people from my life. If they are exes, there is a reason for that, ”she continued.

Demi Lovato has gone out with several celebrities, including Wilmer Valderrama, Joe Jonas and even the MMA champion, Guilherme Vasconcelos.


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