A new Corona restaurant where sales declined The shopping district supports home delivery May 2: 15:11

Efforts will be made in Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo, to support stores and restaurants that are losing sales due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The support is started by the Fudomae Station Street Shopping District Promotion Association in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo.

Some restaurants in shopping districts are considering home delivery to compensate for the decrease in sales, but many are reluctant to worry about new costs.

For this reason, the union decided to start efforts to support restaurants that start home delivery.

This means that the union will secure staff for home delivery using the recruitment site of a recruitment agency so that restaurants can start home delivery free of charge from 3 days while utilizing the subsidy of the ward.

It means that 26 restaurants and others will participate in the initiative and deliver lunch boxes and other items to the home.

Kenji Toyama, the store manager of the participating restaurant, said, "We are continuing our business only for take-out, but there are limits, which is very helpful."

Takayuki Saka, Vice President of Fudomae Eki-dori Shopping Street Promotion Association, said, “I want you to taste the delicious foods of the shopping district at home now, and to visit again after the convergence”.