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Having her very first pregnancy in confinement is an experience that Katy Perry will remember for a lifetime. But somewhere, the situation is good as explained the singer during a Facebook Live organized for the launch of the new season of American Idol .

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Somebunny 🐰 is going to be live on FACEBOOK with you right before Idol starts tonight at 7: 45p ET to have a little Q&A about any of your #AmericanIdol questions 🐣

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"I think, strangely, being confined forced me to slow down - which is probably good for the baby's growth. And it forced me to live in a more balanced way. Because when I have this child, I'm going to be at home again and, basically, I'm not used to that at all. I'm used to, like, partying everywhere, ”she relativized.

A tidy life

Confined with part of her family including her two nieces, 3 and 6 years old, Katy Perry is indeed experimenting with a whole new way of life. “I have never had dinner at 6.30 pm before. But there are children. Having dinner at a fixed time, having this routine, eating together, having the family around the table without the phones next door - it's really beautiful. But, yes, there are days when I have been on Instagram too often and I have been ashamed of my screen time, "she said.

In any case, Katy Perry seems ready to welcome her daughter in a few months.


VIDEO. Katy Perry reveals her daily life as a pregnant and confined woman

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