The domestic economy is shaking as the domestic economy contracts with Corona 19.

As the production of the service industry has decreased to the greatest extent ever before, and companies are also cutting costs, there are forecasts that up to 300,000 new unemployed people will arrive.

The world economy was also hit directly by Corona 19.

Demand for airline passengers worldwide has plummeted, and in the US a month, 26 million people have lost their jobs.

The World Monetary Fund predicts that the world economy will remain at an average of -3% growth this year.

He predicted that he could face the worst recession in 90 years since the Great Depression.

Corona 19 also plunged the world's stock prices.

The domestic composite stock index, which exceeded 2,200, fell to 1,400 won in a month.

As KOSPI fell by more than 30% in two weeks, individual investors flocked to the market.

Investors' deposits exceeded 40 trillion won for the first time in history, and the new term 'Donghak Ant Movement' was created.

While it is not easy to make long-term investments in the recession, where unpredictable variables continue to emerge, some analysts say that it is an opportunity to regain stocks of high-quality companies that were lost to foreigners during the IMF.

Can the 'Donghak Ant Movement' succeed if the real economy contracts significantly?

This week, <Newstory> is going to look at the shaking world economy and focus on stock market prospects and the dynamics of the 'Donghak Ant Movement'.