A recent study in China found that men who contract coronavirus are at more than twice the risk of dying from disease due to women.

The researchers found from the results that they reached in the study that the virus is more severe with men, as they suffer from it more severely, and they have increased the death rate as a result of infection with the virus by about two and a half times compared to the same rate for women.

The researchers pointed out that they discovered through the study that the virus does not distinguish between people based on age and underlying health conditions, but based on sex as well.

Dr. Jin Qiu Yang and colleagues at the Beijing Tongren Hospital in China were able to observe this matter and confirm that it was indeed present among Covid-19 patients who died in the end.

"We have noticed since the beginning of January that the numbers of men dying of Covid-19 seem to be higher than the numbers of women," Kyu Yang was quoted as saying by the British Daily Mail. Dr. Yang continued, "It is the remark that raised the question: Are men more likely to be injured or die from Covid-19? - And we found that no one had previously measured the gender differences in Covid-19 patients, and from here we began to investigate the topic."

The Daily Mail noted that the research team analyzed several patient databases to determine the fact that there are differences in the way men and women respond to the virus. It is an analysis that also included data for 43 patients who supervised treatment on their own, as well as data available for 1056 people with coronavirus.

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