The cloth burns again between the Gallagher brothers. Liam did not appreciate the release of the new title "Don't Stop", revealed on Wednesday night by Noel. The latter had come across the ballad by tidying up at home. The first unreleased Oasis since 2008 had revived rumors of reformation among fans. 

The confinement will not have eased the tensions between the two enemy brothers, Liam and Noel Gallagher: the ex-members of Oasis have once again argued over social networks. Everything started from the new song, released by Noel Gallagher on Wednesday night, entitled Don't Stop . A ballad found by chance, while the musician was tidying up at home. The release of this title, the band's first unreleased song since 2008, had revived rumors of a possible reformation of Oasis.

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"Make sure I'm on it"

Except that Liam, his brother, was apparently unaware and especially not really agree with the revelation of this new title. He posted a short message on Twitter. "Eh Tofu-Boy [reference to the fact that Noel Gallagher became a vegetarian], if you have to release an old demo, make sure I'm on it and that Bonehead [the guitarist of the group] plays guitar there, otherwise it won't worth no more than a handjob ... "

Oi tofu boy if your gonna release old demos make sure im singing on it and boneheads playing guitar on it if not it's not worth a wank as you were LG x

- Liam Gallagher (@liamgallagher) April 30, 2020

The reunion of the two Manchester brothers is therefore not planned immediately. The group split violently during the Rock en Seine festival in 2009, after a fight between Liam and Noel two hours before going on stage. Since then, attacks have raged between the two musicians.