Recently, the Giant Panda National Park Administration announced that the field monitors of the Maoping Center Conservation Station of the Changqing Management Branch have taken back an infrared camera set at an altitude of 1573 meters and photographed a pair of wild giant pandas playing with mother and child. In 8 days, the same spot was photographed twice, and the temporary residence of the panda mother and child was found. The videos and pictures were recorded on January 5th and 13th this year. A total of 37 pictures and 5 videos were recorded. The time spent in front of the camera was up to 10 minutes.

  At the beginning of the video, the mother panda looked around with her own eyes, and the baby panda chased after her mother. In order to attract her mother's attention, it played tricks like shaking the tree, spitting, rolling, and hugging, anxiously cute. People couldn't help seeing it, and finally the mother panda couldn't help but play with it.

  (Source: Giant Panda National Park reporter Mei Yitaki Alina)

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]