National Tax Agency High-concentration alcohol as a substitute for disinfectant solution If you meet the requirements, you will be exempted from tax on May 1, 15:07

For alcoholic beverages with high alcohol concentrations that are approved to be used as substitutes for alcoholic disinfectants, which are lacking due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, the NTA will pay a liquor tax on the condition that it is not for beverages. I decided not to charge.

Due to the lack of alcoholic disinfectant due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, it is approved to use "high-concentration ethanol products" such as liquor with a high alcohol concentration produced by brewers as a substitute only when it is unavoidable. I am.

In order to make it easier for medical institutions to purchase such sake, the NTA has decided not to impose liquor tax on items shipped from May 1 if they meet certain requirements.

In order to be exempt from the liquor tax, it is a requirement that the label on the container should be labeled as "Don't drink" or "High concentration ethanol product", or should be given priority when requested by a medical institution. Must be approved by the tax office.

A person in charge of the National Tax Agency is calling for us to "use this system to make it easier to provide to medical institutions."