The bar association consults the children's LINE The voice of anxiety due to prolonged school closure April 30 21:27

With the temporary closure of school and the refraining from going out for a long period of time, lawyers have started to offer free consultation with LINE, a communication application, for consultation of children with distress, and a series of consultations complaining about anxiety at school and at home.

Approximately 40 lawyers in Tokyo started this initiative as volunteers, and they responded by writing a reply to the message sent from the children to the LINE account opened for consultation.

About 40 consultations were received in the last week or so, of which about 90% were from elementary and junior high school students.

On the 30th, four lawyers participated online, examining how to answer each child's consultation one by one, and then writing a reply.

It is said that most of the consultations are concerned about anxiety about future school life, but in some cases, there are serious cases such as "sentences and violence from parents etc." If it is high, we will deal with it by coordinating with government agencies.

Hyakuya Kuromatsu, who participated in the initiative, said, `` At present, my place of residence is only at home, and parents and children are stressed each other, so the outlet is easy for children to reach. Support is harder to reach, so I'd like you to talk about trivial matters without holding it alone. "

You can write this LINE counsel at any time and even interact in real time while your lawyer is waiting.

LINE account ID "@ 923fdubm" is available from 2pm to 5pm, and "@ 154irgux" is available from 4pm to 7pm.

You can also access it with a QR code by searching on the Internet for "lawyer child LINE consultation."